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    Recommend a better Match-3 alternative to King's Candy Crush for Android

    I have been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest and it has kept me entertained for 2 months for now. Similar to original puzzle quest but with familiar heroes and villains to spice it up. Long term goal is to collect rare character powers and level up your heroes. The game is free-to-play and the...
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    Molyneux Not Impressed by GTA V's Sales

    He was talking to mobile developers and only compared GTA V to mobile games to make a point. The best selling AAA title of all time for consoles does not hold candle for top casual mobile games. Like it or not Molyneux is absolutely right. He is not saying GTV 5 is a bad game or mobile games are...
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    Diablo 3 in consoles is the better version - here is why

    You forgot the monster density issue. So they pretty much would have to port the whole console game back to PC and then support both versions at the same time. And for free no doubt. Maybe you you understand why that is not financially viable move. I would much prefer they spend their resources...
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    Diablo 3 in consoles is the better version - here is why

    And console version will never have any kind of economy whatsoever. While a lot of people ***** about always online and auction house there are actually people who like those features. People can still play self found on PC and people can use the auction house too if they like. It is like...
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    Update: Diablo III's Loot 2.0 Breakdown - Less, Better, More Epic

    They are drastically reducing amount of white and blue drops (also rare drops but increasing their quality) in the expansion. They can be used as a crafting material for the mystic too.
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    I need some manga.

    My recommedations: Vinland Saga - Viking manga somewhat based on actual history. Very detailed art style and pretty mature themes. Historie - Pretty interesting manga based on ancient greece. Lots of references to actual history. Hajime no Ippo - Boxing manga. Pretty funny and interesting...
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    Make your own Mass Effect 3 ending snippets

    Just for fun: Mass Effect 3 - The Animal House Ending Still better than the actual ending ;)
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    ME3 Indoctrination theory analysis

    I think the idea behind indoctrination theory is that it allows the story to continue with dlc. We don't know why reapers want Shepard alive but maybe there is reason they will tell us at later date. I agree it is a crappy ending if they just leave it like it is now. As for the time consuming...
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    Why is Day-One DLC Such a Big Deal?

    Apparently about 40% of the people who bought ME 3 also bought the DLC. Source: . Just get used to this or be prepared to be butthurt for the foreseeable future.
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    Why is Day-One DLC Such a Big Deal?

    People should realise that the alternative to paid day 1 dlc is not a free day 1 dlc. It is no day 1 dlc at all. A big company like Bioware is not going to waste its resources on something that does them no good at all. The team who made the dlc would be assigned to some other project instead.
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    I'm looking for board games. Any Suggestions?

    I would suggest: 1. Settlers of Catan - As others have said a great board game with luck and strategy involved. 2. Puerto Rico - More advanced board game with minimal luck factor. All depends on your strategy and how you react to other players...
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    Need epic music, seriously.

    Many have recommended Two Steps from Hell and I heartily agree. This the song I like the best:
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    Poll: Brush teeth before or after eating breakfast?

    I was taught to brush before the breakfast. It is supposed to pre-emptively protect you teeth before they get attacked by evil food demons or something. Like casting a shield spell in rpg.
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    Mass Effect 2 Insanity Difficulty Achievement Help

    Since nobody mentioned sentinel yet it is a super easy class for a more careful player in insanity. Tech armor is insanely good and you just wont die if you play it safe. You can spam warp and overload to strip enemies defences and finish them off with guns.
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    Bad at Porn?

    People have different tastes I guess. I bet there are guys who think that kind of acting as described in the op is sexy. It might trigger some kind of "fetish" for an innocent teen who is not yet totally corrupted by porn industry or even minor case of bdsm if the girl looks distressed. Then...