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    Looking for some East-Asian resources for a game.

    Actually, I appreciate the correction--I'm absolutely using "Oriental" completely wrong there. I've edited the topic title appropriately. For clarification, my setting's Not-Middle East is separate from its Not-Japan/China/East Asia. Not-India is kind of split between them. One of my players...
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    Looking for some East-Asian resources for a game.

    It's worth noting that it's only going to be me and four other dudes who I know well seeing these maps. I'm not particularly worried about offending my players: the blasphemous lot of us are going to Hell anyway. That said, I have in mind not including any actual symbols. There'll be statues...
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    Looking for some East-Asian resources for a game.

    TL;DR version: I'm looking for SNES or Genesis games that include an oriental-themed section to them for use in a DnD game, or similar ways I could get some images to use in this vein. Full version: Hello all. Getting straight to it, I'm starting up a IRC/Maptool based DnD game soon. For...
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    Skullgirls (upcoming 2D fighter)

    This has some vague interest for me--I love the idea of no infinite loops--but I'm not digging the aesthetics either. With this kind of game, how it looks is important. I liked Blazeblue because its look suggested over the top anime fighting antics, and that's exactly what I got. Same for Guilty...
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    Your proudest moment in a multiplayer game.

    I have two, though technically one wasn't mine. Still worth mentioning, because I was proud FOR the other dude. First one. When the original Halo came out, the dorm I was living in at the time had a common lounge where one kind soul brought out the only XBox on the floor and a group of a...
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    A question for those that donate blood.

    Man, what kind of blood drives have you been going to, you lucky bastard? Mine were complete sausage fests, at least as far as the folks running it go.
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    Escapistians: Whats one thing you don't like about yourself physically?

    To put it bluntly, the fact that I'm so fat. I'm not JUST fat--in fact, people regularly underestimate my weight, as under that flab is a non trivial layer of muscle, and I regularly lift weights. But that muscle mass doesn't show through at all. Still, with the massive effort required to do...
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    A question for those that donate blood.

    I've donated several times before, and I didn't notice any ill effects whatsoever. However, I am, to use the scientific term, goddamned huge, and I was told that size played a big factor. Apparently it's easier on men than women as well. Drink water and eat well beforehand. The places I...
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    Poll: "Show a little sympathy; all death is tragic !"

    Most death is tragic, yes. However, all death is not. When death comes to someone who is suffering and has no realistic hope of recovery, death is merciful. I would go as far as to say even compassionate. The family of the deceased will likely grieve over their passing, and I have nothing...
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    Most uncomfortable controller you have seen or used?

    Add another vote for the N64 controller. I hated those things. I have two hands. A controller with three grip points does not compute.
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    Coming out as an atheist

    I ended up going through something vaguely similar at some point--not with my parents, who aren't and never were terribly religious, but with other adult figures in my life who were. What the others have said--slowly withdraw yourself from church related activities, don't make a fuss about...
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    For School: What Games for a Games as Lit. Class?

    First-Person Storytelling - The original Condemned was pretty good for this I'm told, though I've never played it myself. Amnesia: Dark Descent was fun to watch and made excellent use of the first person perspective, but I never actually played it--just watched someone else do it. RPG Study -...
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    Switching your game skills.

    Fighting games are going to be particularly vulnerable to this, because different games have different pacing and control styles. Hell, even the same fighting game switching between characters can cause that happen. I main Tager in Blazblue, but for giggles I was messing around with Arakune the...
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    If your genitals was a game...

    Shadow of the Collosus. Lonely and contemplative most of the time, but once in a while there is a sudden burst of confusing and terrifying action. The player is slowly corrupted by each encounter.
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    How come we don't see more kids in videogames in more serious roles and situations?

    Zone of the Enders, Ico, Limbo, a Shadow's Tale, (arguably?) Jet Force Gemini, Carl Clover from Blazblue, most incarnations of Link as already mentioned, the first half of Breath of Fire 3. If we're allowed to include 14-16, there's the entire Persona series. Odin Sphere has Mercades. I would...