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    Modder Proves That SimCity Works Offline

    Well, while you're playing your "superior" game, have fun with your towns not saving, the world market not updating and so on. I'll go and continue my saved games (as intended)
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    EA is going to die - and that will improve gaming

    It's astounding how little people on this website actually know about developing games...
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    Thousands Sign Petition Demanding Removal of SimCity DRM

    So they're effective trying to have EA pull the game off the shelves for good? Okay boys and girls, gather round. You in the back! Shut up and let me talk. IT IS NOT DRM. AS MUCH AS YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT IT BEING DRM, IT IS NOT DRM. SIMCITY IS NOW A MMO. Does anyone not remember that this...
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    Happiness Thread

    That 9gag image in the OP really rubs me the wrong way. I saw it like a thousand times before 9gag was even a thing. >.> Anyway, for some reason this really makes me smile:
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    Happiness Thread

    Quiteee the mancer you just did, necro! :3 Contribution time:
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    Happiness Thread

    I'm 90% sure I have food poisoning so I'm necroing my thread. How do we fix this problem? Totally legit way vvv
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    Is this morally bad?

    Morals are there to make you feel nad. Fuck morals, I'd more think about it ethically. You're essentially saying "I wanna get paid to kill people" which is a MINEFIELD all on its own. (man, fuck ethics. I'm a journalism student and ethics are all we talk ahout) Captcha: run amok Sounds...
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    Poll: What's Your Opinion of the Halo Series?

    I'm pretty sure there's a master chief helmet tattooed on my heart.
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    Poll: Ear Stretching

    It's utterly revolting.
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    Ubisoft Considers Annual Assassin's Creed 3 Sequels

    Who has the rolled up newspaper? Someone needs a smack on the nose...
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    Poll: Borderlands 2: Manufacturer discussion

    Most of my guns are Tediore. The fact they explode on reload is so handy! I do also have a Jackobs pistol that has 226 dam and 100% melee damage. Don't really go wrong.
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    It seems Billie Joe Armstrong doesn't like only having "one fucking minute"

    And here is the context the OP so clearly forgot. He wasn't pissed because he only had one minute left, his set was cut by 25 minutes; and by two hacks! His batshit crazy spell was entirely justified.
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    Gearbox Promises More "Non-Season Pass" DLC for Borderlands 2

    GOD DAMN IT! WOULD YOU PEOPLE WHO COMPLAIN SHUT THE FUCK UP!? They are in no way forcing you to buy the DLC. In fact, contrary to popular belief, it;s entirely *fucking* optional. It does not affect how the base game runs in any other way than adding something else that really, probably...
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    Poll: Lack of basic mathmatical skills

    Math is all kinds of bullshit, imo. But I was never really any good at it, I'm better at writing.
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    China riots, island tensions and the UN -updated

    Every time these riots come up, this is what I think of.