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    Am About to play Mass Effect 3

    42hours of nerdgasm and last 10minutes complete shit
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    Do you think big games today will become the nostalgia of the future?

    I doubt the sequels will be remembered that much but sure there are some games that I believe I will be playing / remembering for many years, Mass Effect series, GTA 3/VC, BF1942, Operation Flashpoint. The game industry in my opinion seems to be in abit of a "halt mode" atm and I'm waiting for...
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    Skyrim: Yeah, it's good, but...

    I have around 50hours played now and havent done main quest at all, however the exploring and side quests are starting to get repetive and boring, the story in most of side quests isnt that interesting, when I enter my 50th dungeon I allready know in the beginning that there isnt going to be...
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    Anyone joining the military?

    yep, another FIN here and going to basic training next January, hoping that it only lasts 6months but there is allways a good chance that I will be forced to be there for 9 or 12 months :)
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    Any good shooter for xbox 360?

    Gears of War trilogy
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    Poll: Thinking of buying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, is the single player good?

    Call of Duty single players have allways been good compared to other simple minded FPS games but they are really short and the single player alone isnt worth the full price of the game, I would recommend looking into some other older games like Brothers in Arms, Operation Flashpoint/ARMA and if...
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    Poll: Which Bioware RPG to start with?

    technology is suposed to go forward, not backwards, a script doesnt just make a good story, its how that story is presented, back in the 90's you didnt have that much voice acting becose the dev's didnt simply have enough money to hire actors and gaming industry wasnt that big bussines like it...
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    Poll: Which Bioware RPG to start with?

    KOTOR was actually the game that got me into RPG's in the first place so it allways has a special place in my heart, however the bugs you encountered are most likely due to your over powerfull hardware for the game, there are some things you could try like getting an optimizer, running in WINXP...
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    Skyrim: A question about campions (people who tag along, not the guild)

    so far 4 companions have died while following me
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    Poll: Are the generation of kids getting worse and worse over time?

    or perhaps we are just getting older...
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    Games with good play length, replayability

    well I am currently playing Skyrim wich has been pretty good and should have content for hunders of hours (atleast thats what the dev's claim) altho dont know what kind of laptop you have but if it runs skyrim, you should get it, other games: KOTOR 1 & 2, Mass Effect 1 & 2, Dragon Age 2 if you...
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    What games did you finish, and then immediately start again?

    Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect 1 & 2 & Knights of the old republic 2 comes to my mind atm
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    What game?

    from those 3 options I would go for Skyrim, I have no idea how Sonic games are nowdays but i've heard alot of bad stuff about the last few Sonic games so I wouldnt trust this one to be any diffrent, Saints row 1 & 2 were fun for like 30minutes for me but it seemed like the game was completly...
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    Poll: If life was a video game, what genre would it be?

    It would be simulator... BADUMTSIH
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    Of all the ´´big´´ publishers which one do you like/love/tolerate the most?

    THQ - they havent been waving their dick around like EA & Activision does, they also dont have a habit of pushing out ridiculous DLC's that are overpriced compared to content Microsoft game studios - eventho the word "microsoft" mostly screams of negative feedback I have allways been kinda...