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    Gin = Not manly?

    I can vouch for the quality of Plymouth's, it's one of my favourites. Bombay Sapphire is still probably the best though. Also, try adding a slice of cucumber to some Hendrick's. Sounds a little weird, but trust me, it makes an amazing summer drink. Man, Gin is fucking awesome.
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    Halo 4 your thoughts

    At first I was really underwhelmed by it, just more Halo. Then I realised I could totally go for some more Halo. Pretty excited.
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    Escapist agenda regarding the witcher

    Damn it, where did I put my tin foil hat?
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    Poll: Impressions From the Duke Nukem Forever Demo.

    This really pissed me off. The most likely reason for this (I think Gearbox might actually have said this at some point, can't remember where though) is to cater for consoles. Now, I primarily play on consoles, and you really don't need to limit things that much. You could easy fit 8 weapons on...
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    EA CEO: We Failed Well

    Is everyone forgetting that EA also published ME1 and DA1?
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    The Witcher 2 First Impressions Thread

    Oh yeah, it's definitely a lot better than it was. But it can still be difficult to work out if your machine can run a game just by looking at the recommended specs. By not issuing a demo, the developers' are expecting me to drop nearly £40 on a game that may or may not run with no way to find...
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    The Witcher 2 First Impressions Thread

    I really want to play it, but I'm not certain my laptop can run it. My specs seem good enough to manage it on at least low settings, but I'm not sure. Since the developers haven't released a demo the only way for me to find out if it runs or not is to drop £35 on it and keep my fingers crossed...
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    Poll: Brink Reviews

    Good to hear, I'll be getting my copy on Friday. I read Destructoid's review of it and it came out looking pretty good. I actually really liked that review, it was just a brutally honest examination of the game, warts and all. I figure if I can sink ~500 hours into the 360 version of TF2 I can...
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    Brink fans, unite!

    To be fair, you can also be a white man with a grenade launcher.
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    Poll: A stupid review of Amnesia (IMO)

    Did you never learn about paragraphs?
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    At what point should realism be stopped?

    I recently picked up Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising for 360 and that's loads of fun with a friend, largely thanks to all the realism. Every success is so much more satisfying when a single mistake could get you killed.
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    Poll: Do you care about the story in Half LIfe?

    There's no other reason to like it, the gameplay's terrible.
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    Nintendo Officially Confirms New Console for 2012

    Where the hell are you getting that from? They've been making profits on the 360 for ages now, not to mention the huge piles of money they make from Live. They're not even vaguely close to being out of the running yet, and neither are Sony.
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    When will Valve actually make THE game?

    I'm more concerned that the only game they've made that was their idea is Half Life. Everything else they've done was a mod or concept designed by someone else and they just bought said mod or concept, developed it a little and sometimes hired the original designers.