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    For those who work in retail. Black Friday is coming.

    This year is gonna be great for our store. At least three cash registers are broken at the moment. We have that God awful chip reader system to suffer through. Store management isn't happy with the front end managers at the moment so the front end managers take out their frustrations on us. On...
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    It gets good after x hours

    AC IV: Black Flag is kinda doing that IMO. Game: Hey look! A whaling spot! Me: Oh cool, how do I do that? Game:... Game: Here's where you can do assassination side quests! Me: Oh, I've already done, like, three of those... Game:... Oh... Good uh, job... Well done... Granted AC...
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    Unpopular movie tastes

    I gotta agree with this. It hit so many of the classic Indiana Jones beats that it felt like a true Indiana movie and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Like you said, I don't understand why everyone could take the endings of the other movies at face value but 'inter-dimentional beings' is where...
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    Who Would You Recommend If I Want To See Let's Play Videos?

    Those are more serious games and if you want to keep that tone I'd probably avoid any of the major LPers. What I do if I want to see a game not a lot of people are LPing is just type 'Let's Play...' into youtube and start going down the line until I find one that matches the tone I want for the...
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    Who Would You Recommend If I Want To See Let's Play Videos?

    What games are you wanting to see? I find that certain LPers match up to certain genres better than others, IMO. Markiplier is doing an LP of Fractured's latest horror survival game Soma and both the game and Mark's commentary are pretty good. If you have any interest in From Software's...
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    Male problems only ever come up as a counter-argument

    So why does that mean that men should never get a chance to discuss issues that do negatively effect them? Just because some of these issues effect women more than men doesn't mean it doesn't effect men and that open discussion of those issues for men shouldn't take place. It's kinda...
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    Male problems only ever come up as a counter-argument

    Yeah, that does seem to happen a fair amount. Using men's issues to silence discussions about other group's issues helps neither group. Group B having problems doesn't mean that groups A doesn't either.
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    I'm sad. Lets all post something happy.

    Not sure why I find it so damn amusing but fuck me if it doesn't instantly make me giggle.
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    Poll: What do you think of Eli Roth?

    To me he's like Tarantino; he's made a few good movies, a bunch I don't care for, and all my peers seem to think he's a God of modern cinema (more so for Tarantino). I really don't care for most of either of their stuff.
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    The Green Inferno - Cannibal Holocaust Redux

    As far as I know Roth didn't kill any animals for Green Inferno. DK is saying that he can't support Green Inferno because Roth was heavily inspired by Cannibal Holocaust, an Italian film from the 60's (I think) which included scenes of actual animals being killed. As for myself, I'm...
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    Doctor Who has lost something very special.

    I don't disagree that both show runners have relied heavily on deus ex and bent their own rules but at least RTD gave some technobable reason or hand-waved it away, Moffat won't even bother to lift a finger to explain how impossible things have happened. Look at how the Tennant's Master was...
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    Criticize Something You Love

    In Scott Pilgrim the main romance between the title character and Ramona never really made a lot of sense. It just seems like a few scenes of them enjoying some hobbies together would have helped prove why they should be fighting so much to be together.
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    Dr Who :The Magician?s Apprentice

    I'm now watching Doctor Who just to see how bad it gets. It's getting pretty bad, and not even funny bad. Characters randomly have super powers or are completely powerless depending on what the script calls for. The writing has gotten so lazy that what used to be at least somewhat explained with...
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    REPORT: Man Allergic to the Mainstream

    This made my morning. I don't really hate the hipster look and style, and some of it is actually interesting but I can't stand the under ridding mentality of manufactured smugness. Liking things based on how not popular it is and then hoping that it gets popular so you can smugly rub it in...
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    So what's the story behind YOUR avatar pic?

    Mine is from the an Irish band called The Rubberbandits. After hearing about them through cracked I liked a few of their songs and thought I'd get in on that looping gif avatar stuff and sat down and worked out how to do it. It doesn't loop terribly well but it still amuses me so I've kept it...