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    Invader Zim - Anyone a fan?

    Love this show!!!
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    What did you name your Skyrim character?

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    Skryim is outdated

    It is entirely possible I misunderstood your post then, but it seemed to me that the main thing you dislike about the game is that it hasn't improved since oblivion. Which is a perfectly reasonable complaint, but if you hold that against Skyrim then you have to hold it against every COD game...
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    Skryim is outdated

    Since when does a game have to be revolutionary in every way to qualify as a good game. Why can't the game being fun (which is, you know, the whole point of video games) be a good enough reason to play the game.
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    Sad songs

    Adam's Song- Blink 182
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    Space Marine "Rips Off" Gears of War

    The gameplay of space marine is completely different then in gears of war. Gears of war is a cover based shooter, you can't take cover in space marine.
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    NASA Says Don't Worry About Falling Satellite

    I am not to worried. The guys at NASA are kinda bright. That and there is a lot of land that isn't populated.
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    Did anyone else not like Inglorious Bastards

    This guy didn't like the movie
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    Challenge - Regenerating health

    I think both options are equally unrealistic.
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    Why should *you* be famous?

    ummmm I really shouldn't be. I am just an archaeologist, we dig in the ground and find old stuff. (Yay gross oversimplifications!)
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    Poll: Best fighting game franchise?

    It has to be Street Fighter. It is so balanced and everyone can have fun playing it.
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    Rage (Or other upcoming games that look awesome)

    So I have been watching the trailers for Rate a lot lately and I can not be more excited for this game. So I became curious, is anyone looking forward to Rage as much as I am? If not is there another game that has you guys getting hyped?
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    Poll: which xbla game should i buy?

    Castle Crashers
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    Worst RPG Ever?

    I would say Baulders (spl?) game for the original XBOX. Because in my opinion a games quality should be based off of how much fun you have playing it and I did not have fun playing that game. It just felt kinda tedious to me.
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    Poll: Who do YOU think has the most elite military unit in the world?

    U.S.M.C Force Recon Though now that I think about it there really isn't a best answer for this question because all special operations military units are designed and trained for different things. Delta force does hostage rescue and extraction, U.S.M.C scout snipers are the worlds best...