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    Poll: Would You Push The Button? (Moral Dilemma)

    I can't do it for any money, maybe if someone else that I didn't like or someone I didn't know died. But I doubt I would do it even then.
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    Batman: Arkham Origins Dev Met "Resistance" at "Every Level"

    My biggest issue is that they can´t keep The Joker out of the games. Go on with the story what would happen when he doesn't have The Joker to fight against.... Oh and the bugs ... my god the bugs in this games made me wonder if I had a pirated version like the first games bathook bug ....
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    How do you react to being hit on/checked out?

    I don't know ... Never happens so. But I think I would be flattered.
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    Rename yourself. Why not?

    Finurliga Fionnuala could work. Cool name thou were is it from? Me I like my name Simon.
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    Undeniably the best fight scene in anime

    I am glad there is someone with good taste here. FLCL was the first fight I thought of ...
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    Poll: How many hours do you sleep a night (on average)?

    Male age 25, Between 4-5 hours. Becomes less sometimes when I don't feel that well ...
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    It's my birthday! =D

    Happy birthday I hope you will get far in Don't Starve! Grattis!!
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    Noir Games?

    It is not! It is a nice story but the graphics is a bit dated ... still one of my favorites. It gave me alot of nightmares when I was a child... Don't know how the second game became so bad... OT: Well La Noire, Max Payne and .. I thought i had one more ....
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    It's on single repeat...

    Well I have listened to Pig pen theatre alot, can't get enough of Ryans sweet voice.
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    If you had to have sex with someone outside your sexual preferences

    It wouldn't :P Part of why it isn't in my preferences. Captcha: what. ever yep captcha!
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    If you had to have sex with someone outside your sexual preferences

    I am bi sexual so it feels pretty weird ... but ehm outside of my sexual preference? Gadget Hackwrench as she isn't a human I think she fits the requirements :P
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    Any Other LGBT Gamers Here?

    Well I am Bisexual and try to do my part in getting out information about my brothers and sisters in LGBT. Thou i'm not that active. And welcome to the Escapist :)
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    Poll: Preffered hair color?

    Uhm yeah I prefer redheads it became male redheads but I like both female and male redheads. Only haircolor I don't realy like is blonde, but it mostly depends on the person.
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    France Talks - Ichi the Killer

    I love Tadanobu Asano, Ichi the killer is my second most loved film with him. Funky Forest is of course the most loved. Only thing that bothers me is that I never remember his name, always have to search for it on IMDB.
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    So I've just bought a flightstick. What should I do next?

    There is only one game I would love to play with a flight stick X3! Takes time to get in to but when you are into it, it's fun.