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    Dubstep in game soundtracks

    Trailers fine. But in the actual game? No, never. Dubstep does not have the timeless qualities that orchestral scores have. Also with the relatively slow tempo with the trancy bullcrap added it just pisses me off to listen to. I also don't see it fitting in Future Soldier, not looking forward to...
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    Escape to the Movies: Cabin In The Woods

    *Facepalm* I'm pretty sure at the beginning of the review Bob says that the movie was finished 3 years ago and was finally just released.
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    What's wrong with the new Doctor Who?

    Watching the most recent season put on netflix, the second season after Tennant is almost a chore. Every episode ends with the same instrumental that's trying to make the events seem more epic for frankly, unimportant shit. Every single thing, Amy's running away from the first creature of the...
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    Angry ME3 fans send cupcakes to Bioware.

    This, this is amazing. I love the cleverness of people.
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    Using the Word "American"

    No idea. They shouldn't be mad? Let's name some of the countries in the Americas shall we? Canada: Canadians Mexico: Mexicans Brazil: Brazilians United States of America: Seriously, what else would we call ourselves? Statians? Stop getting butt hurt everyone else.
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    I don't understand griefing

    Where griefing is fun for me is when me and my friend get tired of playing Battlefield 3 normally we do 'shenanigans.' Where he flies me to the enemies helicopters spawn, we wait for their helio to show up, I hop out, lay C4 on it and wait for someone of the other team to get in it and fly away...
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    Escape to the Movies: Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

    I'd rather see a review of The Hunger Games. Jeesh, Tim and Eric are the fucking worst. They're the reason adult swim brought on saul of the mole men, and all that other stupid shit that's just a bunch of stoners laughing at their own jokes. At least they still have venture bros.
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    So I realized what was wrong with MW3's plot.

    "...or how predictable it was (at least for me)..." I stopped taking you serious after that. What's wrong with the plot is that one man, who's only asset was a bunch of money, started a world war. What actually pissed me off about it is that every single level you play ends with you failing...
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    Poll: You're a virgin, would you rather your first time be with another virgin or someone with experience?

    Either way it's going to suck. But if I had to choose I'd want to be with a virgin or in a relationship so I could learn with somebody, you know, so I don't feel alone in the matter.
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    Poll: Mass Effect 3 Rage!!!!

    My gripe is that Ashley is back in the first place. She was a total ***** to you in ME2 and she was highly unlikable in the first. Other than that though when the 6th comes my life is gone.
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    DICE Reveals Massive List of Upcoming Battlefield 3 Changes

    Awesome. Now maybe helios won't be so damn invincible.
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    Mass Effect 3 DLC Appears on Xbox Live

    I totally understand not retaining knowledge of certain things, but what you said is like someone watching Lord of the Rings, saying they liked it, then a year after watching it asking "Who's that Frodo character again?" Hahaha.
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    Mass Effect 3 DLC Appears on Xbox Live

    Hahahahahahaha, I bet you don't know what a Mass Relay is either xD OT: This is pretty awesome. Ordered special Edition so I'll be getting it.
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    Trailers: Mass Effect 3 - Take Back Earth Trailer

    Literally every time you fight husks. Dead reaper lvl in ME2? All I did was shotgun, melee, and shock wave.
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    Gamer Dies In LAN Cafe, No One Notices

    Didn't read the article? He died from a heart attack cause by a clot, not by playing too much. This isn't like the guy who starved to death by playing too long.