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    Your Game Music is Bland and You Should Feel Bad

    I don't think anyone's mentioned this yet: 80s song used to accompany a big moment in the game? Turn up the radio! Also, although themes are less "hummable" they're still pretty memorable. I couldn't hum "Icarus" from Deus Ex or "Vigil" from Mass Effect but they're both really good pieces.
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    Electronic Arts Signs Exclusive Star Wars Game Deal With Disney

    Given the last SW games were basically crap, I'm going to settle for good with crap on top.
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    Endor: Anatomy of a Tribal Insurgency

    If the war had gone on, the Ewoks would inevitably lose. But they didn't have to win, they just had to distract one Imperial garrison long enough to sabotage the shield generator.
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    Poll: Dragon Age origins - Who did you pick to rule?

    Anora. Originally, I just picked her since my Warden was sleeping with Alistair, but the more I think about it, the better choice it is. Alistair is cool and all, but he's not any kind of politician, there's no line of succession, and odds are 50/50 he gets killed. You'd have a weak king on the...
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    FC3: Blood dragon - Issues with intro and cutscenes

    I've heard turning down your resolution works, havent tested yet.
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    Poll: Your preferred RPG "Archetype?"

    I tend to go for rouges- straight-up fighting but using tactics other than "hit things in face."
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    2K Reveals The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

    So this looks to be exactly like Bioshock 2: could be good in its own right, but unnecessarily tied to a previous franchise.
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    I REALLY Want to Like You!

    May I recommend New Vegas? It's got a pretty directed start for the first couple hours, then you're really set free (although with foreknowledge or luck you can do stuff beforehand). The world is really well-thought out, and you've got a lot of control over the way the plot progresses.
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    EYE: Divine Cybermancy

    I tried it a little, but it's so counterintuitive and shakily designed that I couldn't get into it. If they could fix the levleing system, translation, and interface, I'd totally love to get into it. It looks like a lot of fun, the shooting is amazing, and I really liked the atmosphere and visuals.
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    *Insert game here* is teaching our kids to *insert action here*

    New Vegas teaches you that when you're in trouble, when you've hit a dead end, it's okay, there's always a solution. The solution is drugs. Lots of drugs. All the drugs, all at once. Never mind the withdrawal, you can fix that easy. Just use 'em all and it'll turn out just fine.
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    Mods that went horribly wrong

    Where can I find this, and how long does it last? I would love to play the game with all the lines dubbed over by Dawn of War.
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    U.S. Senator Says Violent Games Are "Practice Simulators"

    Feinstein is regarded as one of the most far-left politicians when it comes to gun laws. Whether this is a good idea or not, she's not a hypocrite. She's still stupid though.
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    EA Gave BioWare "Complete Creative Control"

    I do blame EA for rushing out stuff and possibly demanding higher sales, but honestly it's not that hard to see how this goes. They make their big-name MMO, stick their vets on it, and put some new guys in charge of DA and ME. The new guys think they're all that cause they're Bioware and they're...
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    ME3's MP is fucking atrocious.

    First off, I love the multiplayer. It's the only online game I play regularly. A bit of advice: if you're tired of picking up the crappy low-level weapons and mods, spend a few matches' winnings on just recruit and veteran packs- it'll clear up your low-level stuff cheap. Also, weapon upgrades...
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    Poll: Which Vigor did you use most in Bioshock Infinite?

    Bucking Bronco + Charge. I've been playing too much Mass Effect.