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    BioWare Pits Blonde Against Brunette in New FemShep Poll

    Red head. Absolutely no question.
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    Your Team Fortress 2 Loadout?

    Scout: Force-a-Nature, Bonk! Atomic Punch, The Sandman Soldier: The Liberty Launcher, Strange Shotgun, Equalizer Pyro: Degreaser, Flare Gun, Axtinguisher Demoman: Loch-N-Load, The Scottish Resistance, Scotsman's Skullcutter Heavy: Strange Natascha, The Family Business, Vintage Warrior's...
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    Poll: Should I get Skyrim for PC or for Xbox?

    First of all, what are the specs on your PC? If you're afraid they aren't good enough, just go with the 360 version instead.
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    New Saints Row: The Third gameplay video

    So, what was your reaction? Mine can be summed up in six words; Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.
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    Web-Shooters Appear In Next Spider-Man Film Because Spidey's Smart

    I'm feeling optimistic. 500 Days of Summer was pretty damn good, after all. Also, the director's name is ridiculously appropriate.
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    If The Escapist Taught You One Thing...

    That PC elitists are everywhere, and gorram annoying. To be less cynical, The Escapist has taught me that there really are some good places to discuss issues on the internet.
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    New Patch Gives Duke Nukem Pockets

    They're only 268 patches away from making the game playable. Yay, I guess?
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    Poll: What console are you playing Skyrim on?

    PC. It's the best way to play Bethesda games, after all.
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    Duke Nukem Forever Tries Its Hand at Parody in New DLC

    Many, many people think it's god awful. Hell, I'm willing to say those people are in the majority. I count myself to be among them. OT: Duke Nukem is now parodying the games it's been ruthlessly stealing from? I'm not even sure if there's an epic fail picture suitable enough...
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    My issue wit DLC

    It wouldn't be as financially viable to sell DLC in brick and mortar stores. By selling DLC on PSN/XBL/Steam, the publishers are able to take a larger cut of the profit.
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    Why I hate Games for Windows Live

    Check this out: OT: I agree. To say GFWL needs an overhaul is a big understatement.
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    Poll: What's your favourite Fallout game?

    Fallout 3. And you know what? I don't care what people say about it. In my mind, it's the best game in the series. As a wise meme once said:
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    SPREAD THE WORD! Valve: 3Box. Believe.

    That disclaimer wasn't there before, so I can't be blamed for that. It certainly make chatting on the forum more amusing. I also find that the same thing happens when someone has a Prof. Farnsworth avatar.
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    SPREAD THE WORD! Valve: 3Box. Believe.

    I wouldn't have been so critical if you hadn't tried to sell it as real. Also, I wasn't really being mean. 4chan is mean.
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    SPREAD THE WORD! Valve: 3Box. Believe.

    Most obvious fake I've ever seen in my life, hands down.