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    Unskippable: Fallout New Vegas

    Yes, but this is the FUTURE.
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    Gabe Newell: It's Up to Valve to Bring EA Back to Steam

    Yeah, maybe it was unconscious.
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    Gabe Newell: It's Up to Valve to Bring EA Back to Steam

    AHAHA BEING THE BIGGER MAN. Genius. But yeah, GabeN is awesome. Valve is loved the way it is because of his smart business decisions, like constant sales, not (overly) screwing the customers, etc.
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    Notch Challenges Bethesda to Lawsuit Deathmatch

    Here's the problem: Bethesda has almost no case to stand on. This is either Mojang humilating Bethesda's lawyers further for being morons, or Notch just looking for an excuse to shoutcast a Q3 LAN. Probably both.
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    Have you ever hit a bad checkpoint?

    happened all the time to me when playing Call of Duty. That checkpoint system is broked. :(
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    BattleField 3 Caspien Border gameplay

    I'm sad they're pulling so many shenanigans with Origin, though, because if they weren't, I'd preorder in an instant. Why do they have to pull this kind of bullshit?
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    Tf2 is now officially broken

    Run it windowed. also, 0/10. Incredibly obvious troll, not funny at all. Atleast make it somewhat convincing.
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    Jimquisition: BOYCOTT!

    Fallout and Fallout 2 were decent games, but they were not games that could appeal to a mass market. Bethesda fixed that by making the game the way it was, and as is, it's still a damn good game and even though you might not like it, pretty much everyone else has voted to disagree with you.
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    running games with out the os in the way

    If you're new to linux, i'd say linux mint. It comes with all the stuff you need to run minecraft preinstalled, so you'd just have to get it on a live USB and get the minecraft jar on there, and you should be able to run it, though i'm not completely sure.
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    running games with out the os in the way

    There's no possible way to do that, but heres what you can do: You can get a small linux distribution (like ubuntu or linux mint), install the java runtime, and so on, and you should be able to run minecraft better because linux uses less system resources than windoez.
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    Another thing about female game characters...

    I know this is slightly OT, but Elizabeth's chest in Bioshock: Infinite bugs me. It's too damn big. It makes her look cartoony... And it annoys me.
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    Ignorance on Facebook (censored for the well-being of this thread)

    Well, you know what they say. You can't fix stupid.
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    "The Talk" makes fun of castrated man.

    "No, they're different. One's floppy and *makes face* ew." That was pretty much their reaction to her bringing up the double standard. They're a bunch of dicks. I hope their show gets pulled because of this.
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    Poll: Have you ever been mistaken for the opposite gender?

    THREAD WINNER. also: No. I'm kinda big. Though, like a person before me, I have been mistaken for Hispanic. >.>
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    Well, I'm never doing that again.

    Quad stab+sap, then cloak, disguise, then another quad stab, then cloak, disguise, then triple stab. ^.^