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    Poll: Bioshock Infinite: The Cage or the Bird? [SPOILERS]

    Every void damned elevator. Booker, there is a non-metaphorical hole in your hand. Stahp.
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    Poll: Bioshock Infinite: The Cage or the Bird? [SPOILERS]

    I played a couple times - the only difference I notice is in the infinite (the broche keeps changing) As with all Bioshock games, choices end in mostly minor changes. I still flinched every time Booker hit that push button (chose to wait the first time) Also, in retrospect, this was all a...
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    Unpopular Opinions

    I generally like people, and genuinely want to trust them. I think kids in third world countries are inspiring I think all those who use gay/whore/virgin as insults are dickheaded (pardon my 'french')
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    California Congressman Demands Videogame Warning Labels [Again]

    Well, I mean this is not completely unreasonable... The label should say "WARNING: Exposure to violent video games has been linked to aggressive behavior in case of a pre-existing mental conditions." The poor guy is so confused though... It's not that games create violent behaviour, it's that...
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    You people are ridiculous

    You know what I find funny? For the last two weeks (at least) Mass Effect/ EA connected discussions have been steadily occupying the most viewed sections of the forums. You are welcome for additional advertisement, EA! On topic: If people can actually get additional payement for working, I'm...
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    Bioware forums explode as Mass Effect 3 ending details are leaked. *MINOR SPOILERS*

    why in the last 2 months I got the impression that 90% of my fellow ME fanbase are a bunch of whiney children? Did you whine every time someone borrowed from Tolkien too? Or semi-realistic endings make you angry? Or here's a thought: Why don't you try playing the whole game before starting a...
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    so....Not having children=Selfish?

    I can only see one problem with not having children: high taxes in next generation and smaller working population in the future. On a personal level, it depends only on your own+your partners wishes/education/experience/etc. At the same time, having children can also be very VERY selfish...
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    Games where you are the bad guy (but don't know it)

    Bloody brilliant. In all seriousness, a lot of times. First thing that jumps up is probably Prototype. Alex is far from goody-goody. This is followed up by both Amnesia games. Mass Effect's Shepard is a criminal depending on view point and the number of renegade options chosen. The body...
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    Poll: You're pregnant. What do you do?

    So so so many factors coming into play! Why/when/how old are you/your partner/physical condition/etc Personally, I am terrified of giving birth (selfish bit?h that I am). However, I do not have a partner whom I'd love enough to have a child with. Abortion would be an option definitely, as long...
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    Zero Punctuation: Darkness 2

    Wow, it's like I ate a whole bowl of mild cheddar covered in that creamy mild sauce. Are you OK Yahtzee?
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    So, now that the Mass Effect 3 Demo is out...

    Mother of God.... Cannot be unseen D:>
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    So, now that the Mass Effect 3 Demo is out...

    I loved it all (even multiplayer!) except for two major flaws: -lack of dialogue options -Anderson running
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    Poll: Skyrim- Did you kill Paarthurnax?

    DANGER OF SPOILERS but the title itself is a spoiler so... "Choose, Dovahhkin, you are either with or against us..." You: send me on a false trail to act as a spy on your behalf(old habits die hard?) You: send me to look for a demented old man. You: are the reason I get attacked by Talmore...
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    The last song you listened to is now your country's national anthem.

    Iron - woodkit. I think I'm cool with it.
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    Ubisoft ask's where the next Assassin's Creed should be set

    aaaaaaaaaaaa I can't choose D: Going to asia would be badass, especially Japan cause europe just comes in. Overthrow of Tsar would also be badass,, I bet we'd get a mission to hunt down Rasputin (and maybe educate some people too, since its Ubisoft) Egypt is generally awesome but then we'd...