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    Bad habits

    I bite my nails, other than that, only one i can think of is that i often skip breakfast :P
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    Opinion on the "Chosen One" trope

    I don't mind it, as long as it's compensated for by good character development for the supporting cast and everything else works well. I mean, at the end of the day, The Matrix was meant to be an action movie, and whilst having more character development for neo might have been good, the action...
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    Just watched the "Cornetto Trilogy"

    I loved those film! For me personally, Hot Fuzz was the best, as I think it was the perfect parody of the action genre, and especially of the cheesey action film genre. But all the films are great and worth watching.
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    If You Had a Persona...

    My persona would be a clown. Not a creepy clown, just a boring, regular circus clown. Though the cliched one that is actually depressed inside...
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    Poll: Is it weird to...

    I think it really just depends on whether you go to for the social aspect or the film... some people only go for the social aspect so to them it's weird. I like movies, so I go alone sometimes :)
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    I've lost the will to live

    I think what Fiz said about going to clubs or societies is really important. In my first year in college I was in a prettty bad place, but going to different clubs and the like expanded my social circle, gave me confidence, and gave me reason to go to college other than for lectures, and once in...
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    Blatant Lies

    I don't suddenly have an urge to go eat bacon.
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    How well do you know the Escapist above you?

    Not much, but I frequently take long breaks from these forums... sorry if I've forgotten you and we actually have spoken before! love your username, Barbas is awesomeness
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    What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

    Prefers some good old fashioned holy narcissism
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    the ^ < V game

    ^is the one waving at him from a safe distance back from the edge < is more of a central location kinda guy, doesn't like edges v is always on edge
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    Yet another girl issues thread

    Pretty much all been said... move on, find someone new, accept her decision without supporting it, then decide whether you want to be there for her as a friend or not. I would suggest not putting the effort into the friendship for a while, see how much she notices, and if she doesn't seem to...
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    What's Going On With My Relationship?

    I am going to say what I always say to people in regards these situations first: talk to her. I definitely don't think a break up is the right choice without at least talking about the issue between the two of you. I understand that as a shy person, it can be extremely difficult to do this...
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    Poll: Forget the names. If you could change or augment one part of your body, what would it be?

    I'm going to be boring and say I would like to be a bit taller... I am not short at the moment, but would like to be taller than average.
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    Strange insecurities

    I am insecure about myself as a boyfriend (should say potential boyfriend what with being single since August)... I don't worry that I'm not a good person or that I am not attractive or anything like that. And I don't worry that I'm not a good friend, but the second I'm in a relationship I am...
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    I did it, I changed my name

    Congrats, if it has made you happier then that's all that matters... personally I would never change mine, not because I am a stick in the mud or anything, but just because I don't really care much for names anyway, they are just ways of letting people identify you from other people, so one...