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    Poll: Question regarding the Mass Effect Trilogy

    Unquestionably yes, it's definitely worth playing. I'm not gonna lie, the gameplay isn't quite as good as in ME2 or 3. But if you've never played either of these, then you wont know the difference! And whatever people say about it, I LOVED the Mako sections in ME1, and spent hours playing around...
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    Community Member Creates Musical Tribute to The Escapist

    Well that was just incredible. Nicely summed up how we (or at least I) see the Escapist. Cheers for making this!
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    LoadingReadyRun: The Birds, The Bees and The Bears

    I lost it at the end when Graham casually strokes his nipples. Well played LRR, well played.
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    Poll: Living with your parents

    Moved out last year (at 19) to go to uni, moved back home for the summer and the parents didn't mind in the slightest. I'm not sure I could go back to living at home now. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents, and having them cook and whatnot is always nice! But I've grown used to the...
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    Helpful Old Lady Ruins 200-Year-Old Portrait

    That's pretty good! Now for boss mode. Try and restore the old lady's version!
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    The Joys of Editing

    Really enjoying these post-production episodes of Loading Time. As someone who wants to get into that kind of career, it's really interesting to see the process from different viewpoints. Cheers!
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    Why are there no more epic boss battles?

    Totally agree with you about the build up. When you hear about how powerful this boss is and what they can do and the things they've done, it can really make it seem epic! Most recent example I can think of (for me anyway) was in Skyrim during the Thieves Guild quest line.
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    Films that you regret watching

    A fairly recent one, Haywire. Dull, predictable, with a main character that seems unable to show any more emotion than an oven glove that someone's using to entertain a child. One of the main selling points was that the lead actress was a martial arts fighter and did all her own stunts...
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    Update: Brit Comedian Joins Assassin's Creed III Cast

    He's just doing some marketing work, doesn't look like he'll actually be in the game.
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    Miracle of Sound: Khajiit Like To Sneak (Skyrim)

    At first I wondered if that was actually some voice files from the game. Then I came to my senses and realised how stupid that was. Then I listened to it again, and thought the exact same thing! A testament to your singing ability! Loved it!
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    The March Mayhem 2012 thread! Who did YOU vote for?

    Bethesda beating Bioware in the final round. I think Skyrim's till too fresh in everyone's minds. But you never know. Last year had some incredibly unexpected results, be interesting to see what happens.
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    Miracle of Sound: Nord Mead (Skyrim)

    I now want to keep a flagon on me at all times while playing Skyrim, and raise it to every dragon I kill. While playing this song of course. Oooh, just realised this means Joker's Song is up on Bandcamp. Yes please!
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    Poll: It is Time to Fix Game Prices

    Without a source, I'm slightly sceptical of your data, but even assuming it's true, there's one big factor you've overlooked. A lot more people watch films than play games. With a film, the only thing between you and it is the cinema ticket (or DVD cost). A game requires a console or a decent...
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    Based on YOUR opinion, Out of these ten games, recommend 3

    Batman Arkham City and Dues Ex are both fantastic, and well worth it. Haven't actually played any of the others, but if I could, I'd go for Driver.
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    The Humble Bundle Hits the Road

    I can never resist the Humble Bundles, and having just got an Android phone for Christmas, I really have no excuse not to do this. *sighs* I only hope they never use their powers of mind control for evil.