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    TF2 Sniper: British or Australian.

    I thought he was Dutch..
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    What have you always wante to ask someone in the Army?

    I have a question: How old were you when you signed up? Because I want to sign up for the Dutch Airforce next year, when I'm 18(and a half).
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    ok...this just trips me out..

    I tried Morgan Freeman first (easy mode for him), because that was the first person to pop up in my mind. Then I went for Sheogorath (from Oblivion, ofc), and he guessed it within 15 questions!
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    How to be good at fpses on the xbox 360?

    Depends on singleplayer / multiplayer, but there are a few tips I can give you: 1) Try to flank the enemy as much as possible. When you go into an area and get shot (but survive), don't go in the room using the same entrance, but try to flank them by using another entrance. 2) Set your aim...
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    If you could take away one law...

    Hahaha I lolled and confirmed that this comment is made out of pure win.
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    Moments in gaming that spooked you out!?

    I don't play horror games that often, but there was 1 moment in Metro 2033 that caught me. It's when you [/spoiler]
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    Total war games: are some actions considered cheating?

    Ok, maybe they're not considered cheating. But they do cause you to think you're a better strategist/gamer than you might think of yourself. Amiright?
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    Total war games: are some actions considered cheating?

    So I'm playing Napoleon: Total war for quite some time now, and I must say that I enjoy it a whole lot. I also like to think I am a good commander and strategist, but then I do use a few "tricks" in total war games: 1) When I'm fighting in a battle, I tend to push the 'P' button quite a lot...
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    Fictional Places you would love to live in

    I'd prefer a world involving space travel, like Mass Effect, so I can live on Mars!
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    Battlefield moments

    That's an awesome tactic, gotta use that one some time ;) OT: In BF:BC2, I was playing a Sniper once. We were defending so I took a spot with a good vantage point. The attackers had to use a parachute to get to their base and I spotted one of 'em. Then I was thinking to myself: "Shall I shoot...
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    Scientists Work on Force Fields for Tanks

    So how does this shield react to (makeshift) bombs? According to 'The Hurt Locker', bombs are creating some serious trouble in the urban warzones.
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    WoW - A question.

    It's not really quest after quest anymore since they started giving away xp in PvP Battlegrounds. You could level a character to 80, just by playing battlegrounds (though I wouldn't recommend that, you'll miss out on a lot of money, gear and personal experience). The new dungeon system lowered...
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    Please, no more...

    And the sentence even returns in Bad Company 2! NOOO!
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    Your personal vision of Hell?

    Well, it's not that bad. I mean, you die of dehydration after 3 days. My personal hell would be kind of similar to Kiefer's hell, though. Except where there is black void in his hell, there would be water in mine. And you would respawn at the very spot you died. So you keep drowning over and...
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    Poll: WOW Abandonment

    Funny I read this thread now, because I've been tempted to play WoW again for a few weeks now. I mean, when I took the 7 days free time, I levelled a shaman to about lvl 40 while I still had my 80 main. Now, at level 40, things get cool with all the spells, mounts, talents etc. So I was...