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    Choose a new voice actor for Destiny's Ghost

    "If I don't defend you, will you die?" "It would be extremely painful..." "You're a bright guy!" "For you." *Guardian down* I like this.
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    Protest outside of abortion clinics. Does it go to far?

    On the contrary, it hasn't gone far enough. They need to be protesting INSIDE the clinic.
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    Poll: Skyrim: Empire or Stormcloaks?

    I always like these threads, but whenever I see them I always wonder if the people who pick Empire have even played the game. "A huuuurrr the Stormclaoks are racys!!!", are they? If you even spent more than 5 minutes in Windhelm you'll see that the treatment of the other races is justified, and...
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    Poll: The poll to end, and begin, all polls

    Obviously option 1, as Hitler did nothing wrong.
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    I'm the Last of My Line

    You should launch a bloody crusade against... whoever I don't know, but do it, and immortalize your families name in the annals of history.
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    The most important failure.

    One time I saw that chips were on sale but I didn't buy them, then when I went back to the store they were at regular price.
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    Smacking Your Child.

    I've never believed that time outs and groundings or taking your kids stuff ever worked. The only kids it works on are dumb ones, plain and simple. I'd go as far to say that if your kid can't find a way around those forms of punishment you raised a moron. When I was told I couldn't play games...
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    I agree with you, Tigers are an endangered species and trying to breed them with Guinea Pigs can do nothing but improve the general quality of life for everyone.
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    Who would be your 20 good men?

    1:Me 2-19: Doctor Tran We already did it by the time I wrote this.
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    Hypothetical Transgender Scenario

    Nah, just personal experience. When I was in summer school a few years ago there was someone who looked like a women using the mens restroom, I asked what they were doing and it blew up in my face. I thought they were lost but no one even bothered to listen to my side of the story, I was just...
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    Hypothetical Transgender Scenario

    See shit like this is why this whole damned transgender thing is so goddamn stupid. You can't prove the guy isn't a trans women and if you say "oh well maybe he should only get it if he's got the surgery" they can just say they can't afford it. If you disagree or try to nay say you're oppressing...
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    self righteousness and the escapist

    I'm not on here enough to notice any of your silly nonsense, so I went and browsed Religion and Politics for a bit and suddenly your nonsense is a lot less silly. I dunno, you summed it up pretty well. I didn't see a whole lot of bans or anything but a lot of people seemed to ignore what...
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    There are no rules! what to wear?

    I read the no rules part before I read the part about covering my "junk", so NOTHING.
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    Poll: Is it better...

    I'd pick cold, and then I'd go warm myself up. I don't care about OPs rules, I do what I want.
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    Poll: Is it better...

    Cold. Cold is better in every way, it can be fixed by going somewhere warm, or dressing properly, there are no bugs, no stickyness, no nothing. It is my dream to see summer abolished one day as it is too damn hot. Constant Winter would bring world peace and fix all the worlds problems, because...