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    Welcome to Fallout town: What do you do now?

    Survive, help set up a community and learn to do something useful. Then try and seek out information on any nearby rising power, either join them or seek a deal with nearby towns to band together for protection. All of this will lead to world power and a comfy leather chair in a missle silo...
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    Poll: would you die for your country?

    Same as Akichi Daikashima. When another country would invade mine (or perhaps even the EU), I would probably take up arms. However when my country thinks it can attack another country (without a strong legitimate reason), count me out.
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    Poll: What gender do you roleplay as in WRPGs?

    Male in general, hard to roleplay a woman.
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    Who plays Terraria?

    Its alright, its not the 2d minecraft some people claim it is. Its focuses more on adventuring and exploring and less on building cool stuff. Though the 'endgame' is a bit of a grind, you basicly play to get more loot. Right now I'm stuck, I lack the 'skill' to beat the bosses effectively and...
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    Trailers: Star Wars: The Old Republic: Eternity Vault

    This reminds me of a raid from that other well known MMORPG.
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    That one game you could never finish...

    Baldur's Gate (the entire Trilogy). and Planescape Torment.
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    My idea for a new Fallout

    I like the idea, it creates quite a different feeling to the game and you will feel the discrimination of being one, whereas you can't help who you are (how many games explore this?). This might get scary close the experience how it was to be afro-american 60 years or so ago in the US without...
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    The most badass thing you've ever done in a game.

    During a Lan party funtournament we were playing Counter Strike (my friend and I). My entire team got annihilated quickly during a crossfire, I was the only one left with only dual berrettas (two pistols, arguably not very effecive) and a flashbang. Threw the flash and just ran in the corridor...
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    Do you live in a dorm? Does your food disappear out of the fridge?

    Hidden Camera or Webcam? Or that stuff that is invisible but lights up when you use an UV lamp.
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    Poll: [If] England and America just went to war...

    If it came to nukes, both would loose. If both fought using pure conventional means, and the UK and its Common wealth would have no support from the rest of the European Allies it would loose eventually. If the EU did support the UK a long and costly stalemate would occur.
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    Poll: What do YOU expect from HL2: Episode 3?

    Death of Freeman trough heroic sarcrifice while Alex carries his child, child grows up and we have Half Life 3.
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    Warhammer online: Age of reckoning server status

    Its doing pretty well.
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    Hey, its a Warhammer thread

    Its quite a miracle that you ignored the role of the C'tan, the Dues Ex Machina group. BAsicly they are their Gods and went into hiding. Necrontyr followed them into this. After several dozens of Millenia they wake up again and the Ctan Gods try to activte their armies to rule the universe...
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    Fallout New Vegas

    I might get it, love the 'realistic mode' in it. Dieing of malnutrition and thirst will be something different then usual.
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    What is your opinion on the Death Penalty and why?

    Untill the system becomes watertight and there is 0% risk of convincting an innocent person and basicly murdering him, I am a definate nay sayer. Even if the system becomes near perfect I rather see these guys rot in a jailcell for 50+ years then killing them.