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    Poll: Has your taste in music changed over time?

    Yes but, at the same time, not really. I've always just listened to whatever sounds good at the moment.
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    Opinions on Heavy Drinking?

    I don't see the appeal (mind you this is coming from someone who's never had a drink) but it's fine with me if you can handle it without turning into a complete ass. Most people don't seem to be able to, though.
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    Miyamoto is Stepping Down

    I really think is a good thing. It gives a good excuse for series like Zelda and Mario to expand further beyond Miyamoto's original ideas while he can put his mind at work in other places without the restrictions that come from working with such classics. I'm excited to see what these new...
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    You now have three no strings attached wishes.

    Immortality and flight. I'd save my last wish for later.
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    Herman Cain quotes the pokemon movie

    Now if only Obama would quote MLP..
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    What's your wallpaper?

    <spoiler=Currently this> Simple and easy on the eyes.
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    No one plays adventure games anymore?

    Depends on what you qualify as an adventure game. There's a bunch of sub-categories, like text-adventure, point and click adventure and action-adventure.
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    Skyrim: Is this an easter egg?

    Edit: Please ignore this. Posted in the wrong thread.
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    Oblivion is 7 bucks on steam atm. Should I get it?

    No! The Steam version causes big problems with modding.
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    Poll: I regularly stay up past 5 in the morning...

    I was a horrible insomniac until a couple days ago, had been staying up to around 5 AM on a regular basis for almost 2 years. Now that I've started going to bed around 11 PM every night I realize how awesome sleep is, got 11 hours last night.
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    How do I introduce myself to a girl I like?

    If you're repressed socially then you should do some work on yourself before pursuing any sort of relationship.
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    Why don't more self proclaimed Nerds watch Wrestling?

    That hadouken/suplex thing was amazing.
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    Achievements you'd rather not achieve?

    Isn't there one in Garry's Mod for clocking in a year of in-game time?
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    Poll: Is My Brother Slow?

    You should have asked him first, simple as that.