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    Weird quirks you have?

    I have skin which is softer than yours. Yes, yours as well OP and other readers. Considering that I am male who does NOTHING to his skin, other than wash, I would call this a weird quirk.
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    Where your avatar comes from

    Sanji. The shitty cook from One Piece. This .gif .gifs well.
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    Poll: Your opinion on School Uniforms.

    Yes. Went to a School that required uniform. I never had many clothes, so uniform hid that fact from school children who would inevitably be dicks about it. Plus my uniform wasn't terrible. Could've been a lot worse. Like a suit.
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    Poll: Would you have sex with a gender swapped version of yourself?

    I'm not into Asians. So I would not.
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    Your best friend tells you they killed someone

    Me: Did you at least leave no trace of yourself doing this? Him: Did what? Me: Exactly. Let's go to the pub.
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    Whats your S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?

    Strength: 3 Perception: 8 Endurance: 4 Charisma: 8 Intelligence: 5 Agility: 3 (Yay for deformed hip and cut Achilles' tendons.) Luck: 8
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    Poll: Do YOU sing while driving?

    I sing. The quality of my singing is pretty awful. Then again, who says anyone hears my singing in my car?
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    Crazy thoughts

    Terrorists coming into my school, shooting the place up. Then me saving the school from these terrorists who really wanted to take over a school... Rather than a government building or someplace actually useful to them.
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    Poll: TGWTG.....what shows did you watch?

    Todd In The Shadows, Rap Critic, Angry Joe, occasionally Sage, I used to watch Phelous, but couldn't tell you why I stopped. I've started watching the Blockbuster Buster. I almost didn't due to the ridiculous name, but he's alright.
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    How much is your hair worth?

    I'll probably pretend to cling on my hair for dear life, then with increased payout, I'll be happy. In reality, I don't particularly care about my hair. I'll look funny with no eyebrows, but I'll be getting money, so I won't mind.
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    One word of advice to give to your children?

    Smile. This will increase your chance with poontang.
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    Plot twists and big reveals you solved by yourself

    One in Sleeping Dogs. Concerning Winston and Peggy.
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    Piercings and body modification

    I currently have no piercings. I don't plan on getting any. When you put "Body Modifications" in the title, I thought you meant something across this kind of modification. I find a lot of piercings to be unattractive as well as tattoos. I guess I'm the definition of vanilla. Or boring...
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    Poll: Big Spoon or Little Spoon: which do you prefer

    Well ol' Spoony ones, I prefer to be the Little Spoon. I dunno, the few times it's happened it's been more comfortable as the little one.
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    RIP Michael Clarke Duncan

    NO! He died?! He had a heart attack recently?! Why did I not know any of these facts? This saddens me. My heart goes to his family.