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    "King Thor" Appears In Upcoming Thor Annual

    Wait, CM Punk is doing a story about a Drinking challenge? Odd...
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    Clip: Robin Williams' Final Role Will Be As Man's Best Friend

    So it's a Sci-fi Comedy with Robin Williams, Simon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale, Simon Pegg, all but one of the Remaining Pythons AND Simon Pegg staring. Yeah... Yeah I will be seeing this. Bloody Nora will i be seeing this.
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    The female characters in Overwatch...look pretty darn cool

    Just to make sure people know, While the Female body types are limited atm, Blizzard (i believe Metzen) has said the 12 Shown are the First of many more they plan to add, If we get to female 20 looking like a Pair of grapefruit in a tube sock then i agree that bullshit will be called. Just keep...
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    World's Best Pizza Not in Italy, Nor America

    Over in the UK we're getting better, while the US style Bread with hot toppings on it is still the king the More authentic Naples styled Pizza is growing in popularity, we have 2 "real" pizza places opened up in our town recently (we have a Small ass town so it is a big deal) and its just night...
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    Europeans and Call of Duty: Is CoD a "thing" in your country?

    CoD Dropped off here in the UK after it stopped having main Single player protagonists that were not Team America World Police sans the Irony, Im not saying its not played, it it still sells like half price heroin, but now its considered more of a guilty pleasure than a game people are proud of...
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    The Ultimate Warrior, Dead at 54

    what the actual... I mean, he JUST cut an awesome/Mad promo on Raw... he JUST came back.. i mean... wow...
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    'Rassle Dazzle: A Wrestlemania Recap

    Um, he WAS there, he was going into their Hall of Fame, and gave a crazy long/amazing Shoot speech the night before. But still, you know... Reading... Hard.
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    Disney Announces The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3

    I'll take another crappy Cars film if it means i get a second Incredible. Mind, I Get cars, Kids love it to hell and its basically a 2 hour or so long toy commercial. As i said, I'm cool with one of the Pixar films being a Cash in if we get films as good as Toy story 3 etc.
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    Well that was much better than expected.

    Spec Ops: the Line. This game had ZERO right to be what it was, i was expecting another Gears of Duty clone with a the same Sickeningly pro american story that every war game seems to have to have by Law, Boy was I wrong. While the over all gameplay was about as average as i was expecting...
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    Hey Rhi, Fan of your work and it's nice to see you willing to come talk to us, I know it is somewhat of a brave thing considering the Internets usual reaction to such events being that of hyperbolic rage and threats. have a couple of questions mind. First, Do you see any Writer driven games...
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    Report: PS+ "AAA" Games Coming to PS4 Later This Year

    I don't really wanna live in a world where Don't Starve is not considered the "Good Stuff" apart from contrast (average game) the free PS+ games have all been stellar.
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    PS3 worth buying for GTA V?

    This, The PS3 is worth getting for its exclusives (Infamous, little big planet and Uncharted to name 3) and also the amazing Playstation plus, I have about 40 games, really REALLY good games just lying about on my PS3 that i played pennies for. £40 a year for 24+ good PS3 games, Its Bioshock...
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    Your Top 5 Favorite Games (with a slight twist)

    Not much of a Troll, MGR:R apart from being wanted for Word murder is possibly the most surprisingly good game of this generation.... Apart from the end boss.. that was just weird. 1) Mass Effect 2 and 3 Xbox 360- Ending be damned, both of these games were amazing, while two is the better...
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    Dungeon Keeper Mobile Review - Wallet Reaper Just putting this out there. Cus ya know, you COULD but 1000 blocks that lets you mine 4 spaces fast, or the full, amazing bloody game in all its Molyneux dipped insanity. But, i can see the point of the other option, 4 WHOLE blocks!
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    Gotham TV Show on Fox to Be Batman Origin Story

    This, this, very much this. But yeah OT, lets just hope it can be as good and for-filling as the wonderful Smallville. Oh no wait that was a pile of flaming horse poo that had no redeeming features past letting me look at Allison Mack more than usual.