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    Most epic song line ever

    Pan-da pan-da pan-da pan-da pan Pan-da! I love Deerhoof.
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    The longest game you've beaten start-to-finish in one sitting.

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy, I beat it in the time it took for my food to arrive at a restaurant. Modern Warfare 2 campagn in one evening. Call of Duty: Black Ops campaign in one evening.
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    These Steampunk Star Wars Figures Are Bully!

    I need these! Also pimp Yoda FTW :D
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    Are you enjoying Black Ops ?

    I found the multiplayer boring so I stopped playing after 1st Prestige level 40something.
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    Your Favourite British Thing(s).

    Doctor Who, Stephen Fry, Blackadder ,The Beatles, Red Dwarf, Monty Python ,Tea... and much more :D Also Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear
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    Poll: How happy (or unhappy) are you with your relationship status?

    In a relationship and couldn't be happier :D
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    G-Rated Films that scared us s***less.

    That walrus episode scared me as a kid. Seriously it is freaky.
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    Last CD you heard where you loved all the songs

    The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. Great album, their best yet.
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    Remember that mission in Prypiat on Call of Duty 4? Well take a look at this...

    "Too much radiation... we'll have to go around."
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    Anal probing - What's the point?

    ...and then drinking the result? Got Milk?
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    Quotes out of context.

    "You may be a cunning linguist but I am a master debater!"
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    Poll: You are holding the world ransom. What are your demands?

    Is that an Austin Powers reference in the Poll? OT: Actions against certain individuals.
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    "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Moments in gaming

    More BFBC2 Epicness: Rush on Isla Inocentes. My team was defending, and doing a good job of it as two enemy Blackhawks approached our positions. After a brief exchange of fire the first helicopter backed off under heavy AA fire, but his partner was more persistant. Flanking our island their...
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    Pepsi Wants To Snackify Drinks and Drinkify Snacks

    Don't they mean 'Solidify' and 'Liquify'?