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    Man accussed of threatening POTUS gets his 70 guns back.

    Oh for fucks sake it was a joke, lighten up.
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    Why do people enlist?

    In America its all for honor, feeling a certain need to (my case), or just because you need the money (Atm). Then there is of coarse the person who just wants to make it a career, but most don't considering they don't stay 15 or 25 years. That's what I am seeing anyways. Honor because the...
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    A Question to Americans (Political)

    Well let me clue you in a little friend. Current day Democrats would of been republicans when the party was first formed. My Lincoln was very liberal indeed, and most of the republicans were very liberal. Democrats were pro slavery states rights ect ect. Basically Mr. Roosevelt flipped the...
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    Am I a bad gamer?

    No. Your not a bad gamer. Do you enjoy games? Have you ever spent so much time playing a game you realized you should of eaten a long time ago? Irregardless of genre. Ever get very immersed in a game? Ever have a game you loved playing? Answer yes to any of those then by my definition your a...
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    That moment in life where you wonder why they would do that.

    The thing that makes me sick is the current state of the world with dictators and how our governments refuse to act when we clearly have superiority over the gorilia forces. Now I am not talking about Kony, even though that sick fuck is right up there with them. Any one ever heard of Sierra...
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    New Kinect Armor Fires Mobile Interactive Projections

    Now I must admit I didn't even bat a eye at Kinect when it first came out due to the fact that I don't like standing in front of a screen wailing my limbs around. This actually has my attention because I have always wanted to wear some sort of suit or something, have a toy gun actually in my...
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    World of Warcraft to Give Away Level 80 Characters

    Well I think this just seals the coffin. Its not going to die, but I think it will go to a new circuit, or big 3 in this case. (Note I am just taking this off of mass hype, subs, and what we are currently seeing in the MMO market.) It seems like it will be TOR, WOW, and GW2. TOR did pretty damn...
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    Sholud Valve make a console

    Yes they should. I'd prefer having a console that had steam built into it and then would let me also use my games from PC for the Steam box. I think it would also be a ***** to compete with. I hope to see their console and its capabilities as soon as possible. I can't wait. (I really hope...
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    Y'know I was actually listing to TGS Where Jesse Cox and Total Halibut got into it about the whole ME3 deal and Total halibut said he knows people who viewed his video about the whole fiasco who work within Bioware, and I am sure that they must feel like they have lost total control over their...
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    "For privacy, Origin is the same as Steam" WRONG!!! -Updated

    OH NO EA WOULDN'T EVER DO ANYTHING GOOD FOR THEIR CONSUMERS. THEY ARE NAZI'S! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! THEY WAN'T TO MILK YOU DRY, COW! Really thought I have made this point before, we install a bunch of shit on our CPU, we use devices with a bunch of shit installed. Guys remember the whole...
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    What's Your Favorite Musical?

    Fiddler on the roof. I love the message behind it! also: TRADITIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNN. (I think thats a lyric.)
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    Poll: do you think the human race should survive?

    Me too. I am so sick of scenarios where humans get fucked in less than a second. Yes. We should survive. We are capable of flight, going to the heavens (space that is) and then coming back. If something happens across the world killing many I will know in less then 30 minutes. Thats how far we...
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    Shadowy DLC Haunts Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

    Already? Man I'm not even done with the main story yet.. \
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    Zero Punctuation: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

    Baby's first skyrim? Eh. Personally I love KoA:R much more than skyrim and mainly just because it looks a lot better than white black and a red dragon all the time. Oh and the brown samey Nordic dungeons. Although I am running into the same problem with KoA:R, thats for sure. In skyrim I got...
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    OH NO, the developer of your favorite game is trying to take over the world!

    Age of Empires is still one of my favorite games. Still play AoE 3, game holds up all these years later. So who is taking over the world for you? Microsoft and Ensemble studios. How are they doing it? By making millions of skirmishers and using natives... Ohhhh god...why! How surprised are...