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    Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen Recreated in Dragon Age

    How is this newsworthy in any way? There are tons of games with character editors and there are tons of gamers making lookalikes of other characters in those games.
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    Poll: Which Mass Effect 2 DLC is best/most fun?

    I liked the Firewalker DLC. Sure it doesn't offer anything good in the way of story or characters or goodies, but it mixes up the gameplay which to me makes it more interesting than "More of the Same: the DLC". Too bad it's just a couple of short bits clumped together. If they had added...
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    China Hacked my Gmail!

    Yup. My account was accessed from China three separate times a few days back. I changed my password and it hasn't happened since, and they didn't actually do anything other than access it, so I'm not too worried.
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    Mega Man Gets Some Super Marvel Universe Treatment

    This passes for news these days? :|
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    Poll: Which Mass Effect 2 character is a "must" have in ME3

    Jack, Tali, Garrus, Mordin, and Legion. In that order. Don't really care for the rest.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Expendables

    I wasn't going to watch this before now, but now I'm going to just to spite the gigantic heap of butthurt this review was. Maybe it really is that bad, but I haven't a fuck to give.
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    Poll: So? Do you flush?

    There are people who don't flush? Ew.
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    Kanye West Finally Approves of Twitter

    BRB, creating a Twitter account in Kanye's honor.
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    Poll: Is Wearing a Bike Helmet Worth it?

    I've been riding bikes all my life, and I've never once worn a bike helmet. I don't know anyone who does, to be honest. There are three situations where I'd consider it smart to wear a helmet: - If you suck at riding a bike. - If you're riding through a high-traffic area without marked...
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    Valve to Release Alien Swarm for Free

    Moving from Unreal to Source? that doesn't exactly seem like an upgrade... Eh, who cares? Hooray for free games! :P
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    People Who Use the Same Move Over and Over

    People who do the same move over and over are pathetically easy to beat, since you always know their next move. If you can't beat them because you keep on running into the attack again and again, you really deserve to lose.
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    Half of Japanese Females Think Virtual Girlfriends Are Superior

    Reading stuff like this, I realize that these dating sims are just Natural Selection 2.0 In stead of killing those too pathetic to live, it merely ensures they will never procreate.
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    Why Movies Suck Now Part One: The Myths

    I pretty much agree with what you're saying, but the "IRAQ-NIDS" comment is just plain stupid. The term "arachnid" is an existing term, and is used to refer to the bugs' insect/spider-like appearance in both the book and the movie (they're more insect-like in the movie, but more spider-like in...
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    Why Movies Suck Now Part One: The Myths

    I think this is the core of the whole issue. The big names are scared of putting their weight (and money!) behind something that doesn't sound like a guaranteed hit. The exact same thing is happening with videogames, perhaps even quicker and more strongly than with movies. We get remakes...
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    Dragon Quest's JRPG Mascot Inspired By Western RPG

    Haha oh wow. Slow news day or something? This has been known since 1986.