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    EA Admits That SimCity Could Have Been Offline

    No, it would be difficult to pursue the post-purchase micro transaction monetization with offline players.
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    Poll: CISPA is back, do you care?

    I honestly believe it's another one of the NWO matters meaning it's going to happen no matter what. People may think they have rights and a say in matters but money has power over people and some people have lots of money.
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    My friend made me buy Aliens: Colonial Marines

    Well yes but fanboys don't care about gameplay, they want the visual and audiatory elements of Aliens. Release a Xenomorph Bellic mod on GTA4 and watch fanboys flock to it.
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    That's not a plot hole!

    Viewers saw Gandalf as a wandering magical hobo who made stuff up as he went along. The more I learn about him the more justification I find for not liking his literary work, thanks.
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    That's not a plot hole!

    I think you just ruined the whole of Middle Earth forever.
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    Vaas Montenegro must be the sexiest videogames male character.

    Yes, that's not sadism. Do bring examples of those frequent explorations in the game, for I apparently remember none from the 18 or so minutes of his cutscenes. Here or PM, either/or. You misunderstand. He 'looks' extremely capable while having a fairly regular body frame and doesn't consist...
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    Vaas Montenegro must be the sexiest videogames male character.

    He did not display any signs of sadism, if anything killing just made him apathetic, like a chore. Physical looks and demeanor are the go-to rationalization of his popularity. I don't agree to attributing it to his 'bad-boy attitude' or the 'change a man' trope since he is neither, he's lost...
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    My friend made me buy Aliens: Colonial Marines

    1. Natural Selection 2 will undoubtedly eventually have Xenomorph models, only a matter of time *sips tea*
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    What kind of cell phone do you have?

    A low maintenance Nokia brick.
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    The Big Picture: The 90's Didn't Suck

    For me the 90s were summed up in 1988.
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    Whats so bad about the Star Wars Prequels?

    I was painfully aware of marketing at that age and the PM just felt like a serialized toy commercial leaving me dazed and regretful afterwards. I think i went home and reinstalled Day of the Tentacle to comfort my soul, biology afterwards.
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    Xenomorphs - ruthless killing machines or just misunderstood?

    Unfortunately the none of the films used consulting biologists - xeno or otherwise - so what they claim is not worth much more than one opinion. Each film had a different creative direction and team so you can't even compare 1 to 3, let alone anything to 2. There is no such thing as Alien lore...
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    Poll: Scandinavians of the Escapist

    Don't you mean "you Finns have been subjects of Sweden or considered as second-rate citizens for long enough?" On the one hand I'm kind of sad that they are being taught to be part of their historic "oppressors," on the other the alternative would be relating them to russians or estonians.
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    Why people give Obsidian a little to much credit (IMO)

    I've yet to see anyone praise Obsidian for their technical achievements but their way of handling the story and the quality of writing has constantly been somewhere at the top of what the industry produces. That is why some people like them. I agree with they should not receive universal...
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    Metro 2033 free on Facebook.

    Their recent marketing stunts are aimed at creating some more investor interest by showing they still have products the market wants. I suspect they were having problems with shipping the upcoming titles, so the short-term funds help a lot and the Metro 2033 giveaway specifically is aimed at...