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    One Last look at Mass Effect 3.

    I smell a Bioware employee!
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    Poll: Sticks and stones have broken my bone(s).

    Shattered my wrist in a sparring match when I slipped. Was 15/16 and a hell of a lot of trouble, because the first hospital I went to forgot to put fucking padding in it. It shifted badly out of position and set wrong, so they had to re-break it in a competent hospital... and then some dumbfuck...
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    Do "Nerds" Not Enjoy Sports, Or Just Not Mainstream Ones?

    Alternatively, 'Do "nerds" not enjoy the people who play sports?"
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    Short hair on women?

    Hate it nine times out of ten, and even then long hair (at least to just above shoulders) is almost always preferable.
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    Mists of Pandaria Opening Sales Stumble

    I think part of the issue is that most people are just seeing 'hur hur, pandas in underwear' rather than what's below that, i.e the most revolutionary changes to the game to date. I'm not a player, but I read up on what changed, and it is big, really, really big. Besides, the absolutely massive...
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    Poll: Do you wear a hat or any accessory on your head?

    Headphones, shades and hairbands, on account of being a musician with
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    What's everyone look like nowadays?

    When I look at it like this, I'm quite amazed by how much I've changed :D
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    Taco Goes to England!

    Go to Piccadilly Circus, it's basically one of London's Time Square equivalents.
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    Retro Review: Crash Bandicoot

    I was that weird kid who grew up with Crash Bandicoot, and I never regretted it. I remember when, as a six year old, I introduced my dad to the game, and put him on the first level to try it out. At this point, my brother and I (mostly my brother, as he played a lot more meticulously than I did)...
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    Poll: Steak - How do you like yours?

    'Aggressively nuked after a thrilling and dangerous arms race' isn't an option. It should be
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    If your computer were a car, which make would it be?

    This, but you lift up the hood and it's a mouse in a wheel chasing a piece of cheese on a string. Old, barely functional Macbook Pro, yeah!
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    Poll: Is it possible to play a guitar in public...

    If you can only play one song, and continue to play that song, badly, for hours on end, yes. Otherwise absolutely not, I love public live music, both hearing and playing it. Of course, some places are out of bounds, like libraries... Capcha: mend fences. Okay... I'll get right on that...
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    EA Still Confident in BioWare

    Not only is it a total character assassination of Shepard (s/he has spent hundreds of hours over three games fighting in the face of the insurmountable odds, and winning. Shepard's characterisation literally boils down to 'don't you dare give up! Anything is possible if you work hard enough...
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    Would you want to record your dreams?

    You've had the can-opener dream as well?!
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    Would you want to record your dreams?

    I actually do, I'm fairly lucid in my dreams so I remember them clearly. I write the best ones down and sometimes write them into stories :D Better still, we're actually working on the technology to record dreams. Read number 5 here...