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    Rumor: Dead Rising 3 Details

    I heard somewhere that the guy who was behind "Dead Rising 1" and "Dead Rising 2" didn't really want to do make the sequel to begin with. Which would make sense and explain why "DR2:Off the record" was released and considered a "Director's cut" version of DR2. So yeah, I really doubt a new...
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    Notch Gets His Very Own Team Fortress 2 Hat

    He poops out a game he took the concept from other game, barely finished it using java, puts a $30 tag on it, calls it "done" and gets awarded in almost every type of way for it (Indie awards, Rivers of money, etc). He's also very arrogant. He's an insult to any good developer out there. Or...
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    Notch Gets His Very Own Team Fortress 2 Hat

    You may blame 4chan's videogame board for making up hype for it from the beginning. People over in that board (don't go dismissing that just because it is in 4chan, there are thousands of people there every day) were promised many features for Minecraft, which, by the end of the development...
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    People saying games suck even before they get released.

    My thoughts exactly. This also applies to real life.
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    What is the worst thing a game can do?

    If a game doesn't work, it at least kept you from playing it, which probably saved you hours. Now try playing a bad game. That'll cost you a lot more than a game that isn't working.
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    Poll: If you had to choose just one console for the rest of your life...

    Where the fuck is Playstation 1 on that list?
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    Is it Wrong....?

    I've definetly seen worse. Just keep them out of sight if someone comes over.
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    Do you kill NPCs

    I usually save before doing so, just for kicks. Sorry if I'm not sadistic (those poor, poor pixels.)
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    Companies that have a sense of humour.

    Yes, they're hilarious for charging $20 for a Lego game in alpha stage
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    Classic games you just can't stand.

    Everything Final Fantasy. So slow, so long, so boring.
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    what is the deal with Skyrim?

    This is not a hate thread.
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    Game characters need real jobs ¬_¬

    I refuse to call Fable 2 and 3 Fable games.
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    I hate Ocarina of Time 3D

    Yahtzee is not a reviewer. He is more of a comedian than anything else. I think you're exaggerating. The game isn't that hard at all. It's a puzzle/adventure/action game. You're just bad it. I'm bad at retardedly hard game like Battletoads, Contra, Super Meat Boy and many others, but that...
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    I hate Ocarina of Time 3D

    Did you really just said that the game is terrible because it's actually challenging? Are you mental?
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    Poll: Be yourself: bad advice?

    Are you insinuating rape?