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    Capcom Faces Bullying Accusation

    Yeah in Japan a few years back there have been reported hara-kiri's (suicides) by employees of specific companies because they "failed" the company
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    New Maya Discovery Casts Doubt on World's Imminent Demise

    We survived the year 2000. We survived 2006/06/06 We survived 2011/11/11 And holy crap looked at that... We're gonna survive 2012.
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    Non-Americans: How do you view us?

    I honestly think this describes Americans very well from a military, and political perspective, at the very least.
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    I Just Lost Faith In The Internet

    Sums this entire thread and as well as the issues swiftly and efficiently.
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    The undefeated video game Boss

    Tenchu.. the original tenchu.... When you have to battle the kicking demon.. The haunting memories of foot in my ass crack.
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    The Big Picture: Maddening

    All right I'll bite, what is "Madden Curse" or what is that? OT: And ultimately, people who are going to buy Madden and play the game on a casual and/or competitive basis won't care to look at the cover of Madden 2012... We get hit with so much media on a daily basis.... we flip through...
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    Pokemon B&W Female Trainer

    It's not about the avatars, even though they can be and are tasteless renditions of Japan's view on New Yorkers Pokemon avatars have always been cartoonish, big and heavy blends of colors, etc.
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    Pokemon B&W Female Trainer

    Reference: What it could've been: VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED!!! The Following includes tasteful provocativeness not meant for users under the age of 16...
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    Zero Punctuation: Bulletstorm

    He didn't even mention the gun that hat tits and was on fire.
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    Tali's immune system - wait, what?

    This will explain any and all issues regarding this topic. In addition. YAY! 100th Post
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    Nintendo Can Disable a Pirate's 3DS Remotely

    Honestly I respect their decision, why? Because they're being straight up, 100% forward about it. Unlike Sony which is trying to pull some crap because of one hacker.
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    Poll: So where do you stand on Anonymous and why?

    No one here could possibly be part of Anonymous because we care too much about our own self image in reputation. Don't get me wrong they do too but they have sacrificed their identities to just be literally one whole but they aren't organized just simply because they aren't really a group...
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    Judge Awards Sony With Visitor IDs of PS3 Hacker's Website

    And this is why people think the legal system is a joke in the US
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    Hugo Weaving Looks Amazing as Captain America Villain

    I don't buy it either, but hey... Beggars can't be choosers.
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    Devil May Cry Movie to Bring Sword, Snark and Bullets to the Big Screen

    And this right here is why DMC movie is going to be terrible. Sadly..