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    Jimquisition: Dynasty Warriors Is The Citizen Kane Of Gaming

    Never heard of it before now. Guess I might give it a try.
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    Arts & Crafts ideas?

    Hey, maybe bring in some magazines and have the kids cut them up and make collages?
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    Arts & Crafts ideas?

    Make art out of fallen leaves or something. You can either stick them on with glue, or put down a piece of paper on top of a leaf and draw across it with a soft hand.
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    Poll: Are your parents divorced? College Survey

    No. Still together
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    What will you play in Skyrim?

    I would love to try a full-on mage. The spellcasting system seems so much richer than in Oblivion. As far as Guilds, I'll probably do the Dark Brotherhood; I have this idea of laying an ice trap or something and waithing for my target to walk right into it. Then calmly walk over and finish him...
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    Irish: are any of you it?

    Born in Ireland, Irish mum, Danish dad. Live in Denmark now. Don't know the Irish language, but I have lots of family back in Éire, and we go there quite often. Lovely country.
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    How do you feel about circumcision?

    I think genital mutilation belongs in the dark ages. It hardly matters, but in my experience, it really hurts when (sorry for being graphic) the foreskin slips off and your bare head scrapes along the inside of your pants. At any rate, parents shouldn't have the right to choose that for you...
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    Are games really killing movies?

    I don't think they are killing movies on the consumer side. I'm looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises as much as I'm looking forward to ESV: Skyrim for example, and current film directors will be making films until they die. It's in a few generations' time that one might become worried; one...
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    Apple Blocks Sales of Samsung Galaxy Tablet in EU countries

    Apple is basically a religion for some people, and currently has more money than USA. I think that needs to be taken into consideration before helping their monopoly along. Not that I object making...
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    Poll: Should Modders be allowed to charge for their mods / maps?

    Go ahead. Try and sell it. See if people will buy it. It's a free market. Except it's not a free market, because you'd get sued up the arse.
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    How important is High-Definition to you?

    Depends on what you're used to. Moving down from HD is really painful, but simply sitting put on SD is absolutely fine. That initial jump up to HD is a really cool feeling for a few days, however.
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    What do you want to happen to your corpse?

    Take whatever bits still work, burn the rest, bury the ashes.
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    Poll: Should the Fallout setting go European (or anywhere else)?

    Annexed Canada would be cool (no pun intended). "This nuclear winter sure makes you wish you were patrolling the Mojave"
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    Bomb Strapped to Teenage Girl?s Neck (UPDATED)

    The intruder had played too much Fallout 3. All games should be banned. Seriously, though. Poor girl. She could potentially be stuck there for days. Can't shower, and depending on how much she can move, might need a catheter as well. She'll probably be scarred for life. Assuming they...
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    Poll: What class do you play in Team fortress 2?

    Spy. Because you're invincible if you have the Dead Ringer, and are any good. Nothing better than dismantling an entire enemy push before it's even begun, unless it's finding a nest of snipers with their backs turned. Also Demoman. I use the Targe, Launcher, and Persuader. My computer doesn't...