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    DotA vs LoL...which is better?

    This discussion usually annoys me because it always comes with fanboys of either game firing shots at the other side, so I'd take everything with a grain of salt (especially if someone seriously declares that every aspect of one is strictly better than every aspect of the other.) My opinion...
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    What's the most boring book you've ever read?

    I'll probably draw heat for this, but I loathe "The Eye of the World." I hated most of the characters, I hated the repetitive storyline, I hated the tangents it went on... I realized I wasn't going to like it about halfway through, but when I start a book I just have to finish it.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Munro's Meats

    Geez, even when he's not actually on screen, Andy is brilliant.
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    League of Legends Preps "Forecast Janna" Legendary Skin It's at the top of "Latest Content."
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    List Your Favorite Fictional Ninjas!

    For being a yordle AND a ninja, Kennen from League of Legends.
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    What is your Opinion on the Social Justice Movement?

    "Good luck, have fun"
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    What is your Opinion on the Social Justice Movement?

    Tumblr-wise, I really dislike it. It raises awareness of issues, but it does it in quite the wrong way. And I wouldn't mind it so much if it was just a case of "Oh, it's idiots on the internet, just ignore them." My issue is that they piggyback on real issues like feminism, racism, and things...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Efficiency

    It's ALWAYS a good day when Andy is in an LRR vid. :D
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    I'm new to Magic the Gathering

    Started playing about two years ago, dropped it when I left college, and just picked it back up again (predictably, the LRR crew was a big influence in my picking it up both times. :p ) My current work-in-progress is a White/blue spirit aggro in modern. Only advice I'd have for building a...
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    You avatar and you.

    It's the freakin' Doctor. I don't need more of a reason than that. :D
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    YES! A bit of Brooker is appropriate for any thread.
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    Best comedy duo still alive today?

    I am LOVING the Mitchell and Webb love going on in here. :D [youtube=MOXnQLiMTpw
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    Your Favourite Comedian?

    At the moment, Lee Mack. Dude's fantastic. Also, David Mitchell and Demetri Martin.
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    Eurovision song contest

    I kinda wish we had Eurovision in North America. We have less countries here, so it'd be shorter, but it sounds like fun. :) (Would we call it NorthAmerovision? :p )
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    Your Favorite Colossi

    Definitely Dirge (the sand snake thing.) The fight is good, and that game over screen is awesome/nightmare fuel.