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    Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 kickstarter ends just shy of 12.4 million, 124 times its goal [Update II]

    I wonder about the legitimacy of those numbers as the base game apparently only costs $60, yet the average pledge is well over $600. They either have some extremely high roller friends or someone inflated those numbers from their own pocket, happens all the time btw.
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    How much progress would a few slices of cake reverse?

    It's not about one slip up it is about the routine, no one gets fat because they had one too many meals, they get fat because they do it continuously. You might have had a minor setback, but it is nothing compared to what you do for the rest of your life.
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    Will the Switch fail?

    It will be the same as it has been for some time now, people who like Nintendo will buy it because of the brand and some extras because of the game recognition. But other then that anyone who isn't all about Nintendo games will having nothing of interest to look at.
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    Do you guys know what this means

    She thinks you like her, or rather knows. And no this will in no way make your odds better if you approach her, you will need to find something interesting to talk about.
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    Can't connect with girls in person

    Seems you want to run before you walk, you came from isolation and now want to jump right in and master the hardest part of socializing... this always leads to plenty of bumps and bruises. So I advise you to take baby steps instead, just go out and talk to people for shits and grins, talk and...
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    No Man's Sky Update Adds Base-Building, Survival Mode, and More

    Certainly better then getting nothing for your $60, I fully expected them to quietly make a sequel and just pretend nothing bad happened before, which would more then likely have worked since most consumers can't think past one or two weeks. But hey they are giving you something for your...
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    Gearbox Head Hints at Duke Nukem/Gears of War Crossover

    At least the article makes it clear this is a random spout of idiocy type idea. I'm not even sure how deep the horrors of bad combinations can go, but this is Gearbox so they will surely find out.
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    The Grand Tour debuts today, what are your thoughts?

    It is almost same old Top Gear, which I did love but over the years it got more and more samey, patched in with attempts at acting and comedy scripting, was hoping for some changes since it is an all new start. Well at least they killed the "star selling some shit" segment, which was only there...
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    Back story for "the ancient one"

    Just on the whole they had a great build up and then all of a sudden wrapped it all up into one neat outcome... felt cheap, real cheap. Especially the special snowflake hero, one moment he can't wipe his butt the next he is beating down magic users no one else could previously touch.
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    Ghost in the Shell Official Trailer 1

    Visually it looks alright, but nothing about the tone does. Reminds me far more of randomly violent action flicks then anything else, throw a popular star in there and you got yourself a box office hit... They probably know selling the very depressing and confusing tone of GitS would be a hard...
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    Sci fi needs it's Game of Thrones!

    Just making something to cash in on others success is exactly why so many bad shows get made, GoT is GoT because the writer didn't go and ape everyone else's ideas, he wrote his stories as he saw fit. We don't need a sci-fi GoT we just need better sci-fi, a story that is worth something, a...
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    In defense of using game reviews as purchasing aids

    95% of "reviews" really are useless because the reviewer isn't actually aware what he was suppose to be doing, most of the time you get some snappy sales pitch of the game because that is what most people do and that is what they think is how to do it. Very very rarely do you come across...
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    "It's an Acquired Taste."

    There is something called Familiarity Comfort, which makes us more and more comfortable with something every time we are exposed to it. So even if things taste horrible your brain will eventually associate it with comfort if you keep eating/drinking it. And the same applies to nearly all...
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    So this girl on Twitter is pretty fucked up....

    People doing crazy shit when horny... that has been going on for a while now, at least as long as there were people. And when you do crazy shit of your own the easiest thing to do is blame someone else, but we all know you are responsible for your own crazy shit. Now if it was forced coercion...
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    Poll: Washing the dishes with gloves

    If there are heavy soaps involved you should, because your skin can at any point develop dermatitis and the path to get that fixed is usually very very long and nasty (we could be talking random open wounds developing at any point on your body for weeks on end). But it is one of those things...