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    Why get into a relationship if you don't intend to go long-term?

    Because a lot of people, including me, believe there's more to love than finding an eternal life partner. It's just another type of relationship. And while some relationships might last your whole life, a whole lot of them don't. If I'm attracted to someone, the feeling's mutual, and I...
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    Poll: Biased Gender Politics and Violence

    As corrupted as the term "feminism" has become for people like, say... yourself, I'd say it's about time it got replaced with something like "equalist", or whatever sounds the best.
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    Poll: BBC News Article: Sexual harrasment in video games

    Truth be told, buddy, I don't like your face either. You're not a very good comedian.
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    Poll: BBC News Article: Sexual harrasment in video games

    Captcha: good as gold. I agree, captcha. I agree. Keep going at it, mate.
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    Poll: BBC News Article: Sexual harrasment in video games

    *facepalm* While you may read the statement as that, I read it as men should treat each other better too. Same to you. Shush, boy. A lot of people should stop being apathetic bend-overs and attempt to actually improve the community. Step 1: speak out against bullshit. Step 2: mute and...
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    long-distance love

    This video seems very relevant. [] My two closest friends live in the US, while I'm stuck on the other side of the pond. While it's nothing more than a friendship, I have feelings for one of them. Haven't told her, however. I long to touch them pretty...
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    Well I feel like I've been scammed

    They could be nice and give you some sort of refund, but ultimately you can't demand that they compensate previous customers for lowering the price. With that logic, sales would be immoral.
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    Do you believe that obama will follow through at all on his message of change for the better

    American democracy is funny. You constantly talk about choosing the lesser of two evils, and completely ignore the fact you're shoveling shit into the White House, election after election after election. Get your back into it, anti-republicrat movements!
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    Poll: Are you addicted to the internet?

    1) Nah. 2) I don't see myself spending even more time on it, if you know what I mean. 3) Never had a reason to. 4) The only times I've been deprived of my internet/computer access, I've also been deprived of other things I find entertaining(a good book, something to study, a musical...
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    What Are You Usually "Hypocrytical" About?

    I can't think of anything I'm hypocritical about(there's probably something, though). I strive to treat everybody fairly, if only in my mind.
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    *cough* SEVERAL books, thank you. If you argue against this, remember it's only half finished.
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    Team Fortress 2 F2P Ban mod WTH?

    People are just jealous that they got something for free that they themselves had to pay for.
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    Your blood is now a different colour...

    Blue-blood STRENGTH. []
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    Am I still a gamer?

    How about "someone who plays games as a hobby"? That's my favorite, anyway.
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    An authors betrayal

    Since we're talking about killing off characters, I just have to pull this thing out... But on topic; I really don't feel like I've ever been betrayed by an author. This coming from one that doesn't read as many books as he'd like to. (Gotta do something about that...)