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    Alternate Gaming Sites and Quality Forums

    Reddit. I stopped coming here thanks to Reddit. Then I found out about the Extra Credits "scandal". Now I"m here to bring you all to the light.
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    Notch Puts Minecraft Quests, Statistics in Motion

    *facepalm* So THAT's where I heard it before! Oh, that's probably what the Super Meat Boy one is based off of.
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    Notch Puts Minecraft Quests, Statistics in Motion

    Looks pretty cool. I'm not liking the "Achievement Get", though... Bad grammar = funny, correct am I? In actual not really, I say for you, because that to the is what now bad.
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    Unskippable: Front Mission Evolved

    It's really too bad they didn't pronounce Wanzers with the American pronunciation of Panzer, i.e. Wänzer. Hilarious episode!
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    Poll: Phone sex?

    No, I'd find it weird. Same as texting. Same reason I wouldn't "talk dirty". I will feel corny and lame, like a guido or someone right out of a 70s-era porno. More power to you if you find enjoyment in it, though. I don't see anything wrong with it.
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    This Year's March Madness is a JOKE.

    I'm mostly surprised at the amount of idiocy it's bringing out in the forums. Go read the comments in the thread. People I previously thought semi-intelligent suddenly turn into raging fanboys over there. It's insane. I can't wait till this is over.
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    'It would've been so much better if...'

    Assassin's Creed 2: If there was no ship mission. I've had fun with the rest of the game, but I can't finish it since this mission is impossible for me. I've tried following tutorials and I still can't do it. Starcraft II (single-player): If they hired better writers for the dialogue. My god...
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    If you had a Time machine

    Nothing in the past. If you've ever seen Lola Rennt, you'll see how a small event can make huge impacts. Just imagine if your parents did not meet. Maybe your mother decided not to go to the dance that day. Or your father went to a different school. Or your grandfather was killed in the war...
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    your minecraft skin

    Nice website. Mine is Guy Manuel from Daft Punk. Edit: This looks a lot cooler in game.
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    How do you spend your time on the Internet?

    Email, Reddit, and Escapist. Nothing else, really.
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    Sucker Punch: Visuals, Music, Story

    I liked it. It wouldn't make my list of Top 10s, but it was a good and unique movie. I liked that her "dances" were shown not by her dancing, but by her being dropped into a sort of video game world. The entire movie actually reminded me of a video game, with the levels and "4 things you must...
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    Fox News Takes Aim at "Offensive" Duke Nukem Forever

    From what I've heard about this game, I agree with Fox. The game sounds absolutely terrible in every aspect, from the gameplay ripped straight from every other average joe shooter to the subject matter. The only defense for this that I've seen is that it's one big joke. But try making a...
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    Movies You Wish Were Gone.

    Nothing. We can learn from our mistakes. And bad movies help me develop a greater understanding of what makes a film good and what makes a film bad.
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    Poll: Pull the trigger 101

    I haven't, but I want to. Just to see what it's like. It's on my bucket list. I'd shoot one at a range, of course, with proper safety precautions. I'm not a gun-crazed lunatic. I also want to film it, to see my "gun face", as Eric Stonestreet said everyone has.
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    Poll: Should There be Gay Characters in Kid's Shows/Films?

    Wait, what? Spongebob and Shaggy were gay? But they were my favourite characters in their shows... I'm also quoting you because I agree with what you wrote. Do we really need them to come out of the closet? As far as I can remember, the cartoons I watched usually didn't have any romantic sub...