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    Gunman in my school

    Hahaha people are so paranoid. Oh, what the media has done to us
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    Have you ever gotten a game into an unwinnable/unfinishable state?

    In oblivion there were several side quests I was not able to complete because NPC's necessary for them died. Like Gunder at the Colovian Trader in s Skingrad. One day, I was carrying too much stuff to move on my own, so I needed to wear the Graw Cowl of Nocturnal to carry 200 extra pounds of...
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    Did anyone play portal1 or 2 on the xbox360?

    I played portal 1 for the first time on the Xbox 360 just a little bit ago because I finally decided to get the orange box, and it... was... AMAZING. The game is an incredible piece of artwork, I think. It was funny, it was endeering, it was inventive and smart, and it was a lot of fun to play...
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    Some computer help!

    No, when you press and hold F8 before windows boots, you should get this screen: simply choose safe mode with networking. Honestly, I'm not sure if this will work but it's worth a shot because a windows process might be what's causing the conflict.
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    The most disappointing game sequels

    Silent Hill 2... Half-Life 2... aaaanyway... Fable 2. Fable 1 was just so much better. I remember seeing that cardboard cutout with the half-light half-dark kid in gamestop about a year or two before Fable came out. I didn't follow video game new back then, there really wasn't much...
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    Some computer help!

    Have you tried running the laptop in safe mode with networking?
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    Are re-makes ever better?

    Wow, what a vague title. Of course some remakes are going to be good, and others aren't, therefore the question in the aforementioned title, can't be answered. OT: War of the Worlds (2005) was better than the remake. However, that might be because in 1953 they didn't even have the technology...
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    So, my Xbox Live account was hacked. This ever happen to you?

    My PayPal account was hacked a few months ago. The bastard spent all my hard earned money for stuff to cheat on a goddamn MMORPG, can you believe that? >:( He bought powerleveling, gold, and a bot membership. That's just not right.
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    Games You Didn't Expect to Be Good

    Lol, one time, I let all my carnivores out during a rainstorm and when I tried to get in the helicopter to tranq them, I found out you can't fly in the rain and my t-rex ate all my customers xD
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    Games You Didn't Expect to Be Good

    OMFG, I thought I was the only one who loved that game xD I didn't buy it myself cuz I was a kid at the time, so I didn't choose games based on the reviews, I bought it based on whether it sounded/looked cool or not. Well, needless to say, I got that game, and loved it. It was roller coaster...
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    Games you can't remember, but still miss - describe them.

    Yeah! That's it, thanks!!! I don't want to play it, but at least now I know what it's called =p
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    Portal nearly made me barf... Any games nearly make you barf?

    No, I haven't had a problem with it. I've never had the urge to throw up for any reason other than having the flu. But Portal was amazing wasn't it? Everything, the character(s?), the gameplay, the levels, the backstory, the concept, the execution, the challenges; everything about that game...
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    Poll: Do people spelling in Internet slang (or 'Textese') bother you?

    I voted other, because it doesn't really bother me, unless it's really bad to the point where I can't understand it or it just looks stupid. However, I have never and will never do it myself. Besides the occasional, "lol". touché* =p
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    Poll: Should I buy Dead island or Assasin's Creed Brotherhood?

    Honestly, you can get either, but I voted Brotherhood because if you get it, I'll play with you xD my gamertag is linked to my account on here if you want to add me. Dead Island is a great single player game, my friend is playing it ten feet from me right now. But I'm level 50 on the...
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    BBcode on these forums

    Now that's just confusing. It would be much simpler if you didn't have to use some makeshift solution because this forum doesn't have noparse tags