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    You have the power to bring back one cancelled TV show...

    Though technically not cancelled (yet) I'd make sure Community was never off the air. Ever.
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    Why don't YOU have Skyrim?

    I just couldn't care less about the franchise. In the middle of exams, so once I'm done with them I have to start Arkham, UC3, Mario 3D, Skyward Sword. Once all those are done I'll probably try and 100% Barbie in Adventure Pony Land or something before even considering getting Skyrim. Do not see...
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    Poll: Just Broken The 10000 Gamerscore Barrier

    Around 8500 from memory, I don't have a 360 but my best mate has one so I only play it round his.
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    Worst game PURCHASE you ever made.

    I was hurrying to get on the plane and I decided to get a new game, I only had $55 left on me, so I couldn't afford Super Mario 64 DS which I really wanted. I ended up buying Spore for DS in the ultimate impulse buy and it turned out to be servicable for the plane ride, but ultimately a pretty...
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    R18+ Meeting in Oz

    As long as there's a way for games to not have content removed or ways to stop banning altogether I don't mind about the ins and outs of the legislature. That being said I'm glad video games are on a national stage finally. What I'm not all too keen on is how they're portraying gamers/gaming...
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    Things People Say That Piss You Off

    I thought of some more because I'm just that uptight. 'Loose' and 'lose' are not the same word people. I know it's been said quite a bit in this thread already, but 'could've' being written 'could of'. Lastly, there is no room in this world for people who spell 'definitely'...
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    Things People Say That Piss You Off

    When people say "for all intesive purposes". facepalm. The phrase is "for all intents and purposes", if you'd think about it for five seconds you'd realise that intents and purposes are fairly synonymous and that nobody has yet to define an intensive purpose. Sometimes I worry about our species.
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    Remember Neopets?

    I went through about 30 different accounts because I'd always forget my details. I remember ahving a jubjub and something badass which the name escapes me. But yeah...neopets, those were the days.
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    Best game AI

    Worms and Reach. The Arkham Asylum AI is fairly good as well, they always make it at least difficult to take them out.
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    Possibly the Greatest October/November ever? Your thoughts

    The new FIFA and Madden games usualy come out around this time, s with Arkham City nd Uncharted 3 that's at least 4 must buys for me. Which to play first?
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    What are questions you are sick of people asking?

    I love having red hair, i reckon it's awesome, but my god am I sure sick of answering "are your pubes ginger too". Come on Einstein, what do you think? Saying why don't you check for yourself is usually a good way to get people to stop I've found. Although this one time...
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    Rumor: Windows 8 Will Play Xbox 360 Games

    If this means I can finally justify getting my own copy of reach instead of mooching off my best mate then I am so sold.
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    Games you admit playing on easy.

    I haven't yet, but I've been grappling with the decision to bump down the God of War final boss fight because for the life of me I just can't beat it. I did it when I was younger on the ps2, but in the remastered PS3 version I just can't beat the damn thing. I don't really ever set out to start...
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    so much for the 360

    I don't have a 360, but I'm not a Playstation fanboy (the Halo franchise is my favourite franchise easily, too bad I got into it after owning a ps3). Two mates of mine who I would identify as playing their 360s frequently have had theirs for at least 5 years each and neither have had the...
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    Poll: Do you eat McDonalds?

    Not all the time, mainly because actually getting there requires catching a few buses or scoring a lift with one of my mates and it's not worth the hassle, but when we do venture to the golden arches I eat. Everything.