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    DMC: Devil May Cry Review

    I played it and liked it. I guess that is some sort of sin or something on these forums.
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    So, what did you get for christmas?

    I treated myself a have 60 dollar Hitsugaya sword. That's it. Yeah, I dont have any family to celebrate christmas with. Woe is me.
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    Sequels You Liked to Games You Didn't

    Borderlands 2. Hated the first game but I loved the second game. That's pretty much it really.
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    Still scared of Slender?

    I wasn't scared of it in the first place so, no.
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    What are the best iPad games around?

    Cut the Rope is a good puzzle game. I haven't got an iPad but I've played that game multiple times and it is good fun.
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    Sport games..

    As someone who finds sports to be incredibly boring and repetitive, no, why the fuck would I buy a game about it.
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    If You Were To Make It: The Force Unleashed 3

    Story Something that has nothing to do with Starkiller or Darth Vader or any other recognisable Star Wars characters. Maybe just add cameos. Gameplay Something that is at least entertaining. Oh, and open world as suggested above. Enemies Giant tyrannosaurus', nuff said. Also, better more...
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    If you could break any law without legal repercussions, what would you do?

    I'd... I'd walk over the yellow line at the bus station. I know, I'm off the rails.
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    Poll: What's Your Opinion of the Halo Series?

    Well I think it's a pretty unique shooter that has some fun gameplay. I've never really warmed to the series but I still think it's fun at time, especially when you play with friends.
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    Poll: How good-looking are you on a scale of 1-10?

    Man, this thread was necro'd... TWICE! Anywho, I'd say at least a six or a seven.
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    Relationship age gaps?

    Half your age... Goddamn ninjas! Anyway, yeah, follow the half you age plus seven rule and you'll be fine :D
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    Name a game that made you check out earlier games in the series it belonged too.

    Mass Effect 2. I loved that game so I decided to check out the first game. It was badass.
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    Feeling Safe in the United States

    I can't help but feel envious towards your lifestyle. It sounds awesome :D OT: I also can't comprehend why people walk around with guns strapped to them. Seriously, are people THAT paranoid? I understand the reason some people need guns but sheesh!
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    Is it considered "normal" to have a strong distaste for any material containing Romance?

    I guess it's pretty normal. I, for one, love a good romance subplot (and yes, I am in the process of growing a vagina) but only if it's well written and fits in with the overall plot.
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    Gaming videos

    Well, I always watch a good ole RT Achievement Hunter video when they come out. I love their running theme on their Minecraft Lets Play, "Tower of Pimps", ah... glorious! Edit: Damn, forgot about AlChestBreach. Some of his videos are deliciously hilarious.