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    What do you think of this attitude?

    It sounds like you got severely trolled and went all the way to another forum to make a post about it.
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    Internet Stalking

    I did it once just to see how easy it was. Was screwing around on a minecraft server and getting bored of it, and the person running it was one of those kind of obvious guys pretending to be female. So when the inevitable "hey if you want to donate here's my paypal acct." rolled out, I used my...
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    I have never raged/facepalmed so hard in my life

    ITT: the OP is introduced to cultural bias for the first time and doesn't understand.
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    Why is cheating bad?

    Traditionally a "test" is a skill check to see if youcan actually do what they're about to tell people you can do. Today, most tests are mere memorization checks and I don't really see the harm in cheating during those.
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    Poll: Planescape Torment v. Arcanum of Steamworks

    Arcanum had a silly story. "Oh, you crashed in a blimp on THIS hill, you must be a resurrected god". Though you got the exact same bs in Morrowind and people eat that shit up with it's walls of dialogue, so maybe I'm wrong. Unfortunately I never really went too in depth on that because that...
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    Mysterious Phone Lures CliffyB Towards Ubisoft

    I suppose this finally answers the age old question of "but who was phone"
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    Do you use the handicap toilet stalls?

    I use them. Being medically incapable of waiting in a line like everyone else is not what they are designed to support, otherwise they'd cut it into two or three stalls.
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    Feeling Bad When Things Could Be Worse

    Eh, it started out as a way to cut off pointless complaining that accomplished nothing but making noise. However, like everything else that has ever been, exactly 5 seconds after it was used the very first time it was already being used wrong by people everywhere. So...yeah? It's one of...
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    Where are all these "stupid people" that supposedly exist?

    Most "stupid people" aren't actually stupid, but rather incompetent through any combination of apathy, selfishness, or genuine inability to comprehend how to do whatever it is they are failing at doing. While there are obviously always going to be things such as adult illiterates(even among...
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    The Political Compass test!

    It'd probably be a lot farther towards the bottom and closer to the middle if it had an "I don't care" option for the questions, or multiple choice type answers so I didn't have to choose between what I disagree with and what I disagree with even more than that.
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    Borderlands 2, Has this happened to you?

    I'm pretty sure the golden chest pulls out of the same item pool that the raid bosses do(the Warrior, Terramorphus, Vermivorous). It might always be purple stuff, but a lot of the purple stuff those guys drop is garbage. I've only used one key(only had one), it spit out two level 50 shields...
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    Did ME3 ruin Mass Effect for you?

    Yeah, but not only because of the ending. All that build up that was supposed to provide a really different ending depending on your choices in the previous games was a total joke. I mean, I knew it couldn't possibly be half as good as they were saying when they were trying to hype up the...
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    Poll: Borderlands 2: Manufacturer discussion

    Differs depending on weapon type. As far as Shotguns go, I only use Hyperion. The reverse accuracy thing works very well with gunzerking. Assault Rifles and Pistols I have to go with Vladof, they generally have a pretty high rate of fire without sacrificing nearly as much damage as as...
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    It's impossible if you're fresh off the end of the first playthrough, the guy is level 52. It's crawmerax 2, basically. Well, sort of. Crawmerax probably was never killed in 7 seconds. My gunzerker can't quite do it in 7 seconds, takes more like 15 or so. I'm using the Hyperion 3 barrel...
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    Probably means he isn't a devout anti-religionist as most self professed atheists are. On topic: Don't bother confronting her parents or anything, in fact I'd recommend avoiding it. You should probably just make it clear that you don't really have a problem with the religion or anything...