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    Rian Johnson to create another Star Wars trilogy

    I'm down to see Darth Revan, or the old republic in theatres. That crashing the jedi temple trailer was dope, and the only thing Thor 2 ripped off well. Also super down for something new. A series following imperials, or like a scoundrel type character. Or a space engineer type trying to...
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    Poll: So let's talk about the Ninja Turtles...

    This is the only thing that's actually got me wanting to play the game in a long time. But I'm a huge TMNT fan. The real problem Injustice has is the fucking DC movies making them put out characters people don't care about.
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    What do you think are the most overrated video games of all time?

    Witcher 3: Somehow my experience with this game was buggier than any other game i've played, with a lackluster plot and boring characters who don't make sense in their own universe during gameplay and narrative events. Doom 2016: It's a shooter that omages older games but really has nothing...
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    Ninja Theory's Hellblade Deletes Your Save if You Die Too Many Times

    All of you complaining about the perma-death? Kinda whiny. The game gives you consequences, and for game that seems to be about more than the action, it's fitting. Honestly if this is real, I'm even more interested in it than I was before. It's interesting, and not there just for...
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    Times you were fuzzled over by the police.

    Dog, I lost eight bucks. That shit cuts deep.
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    New Trailer for Resident Evil 7, shows off new locales.

    Except Lisa Trevor was actually kind of interesting and intimidating. In a mansion full of monsters, she seemed... different from the outset. She wasn't just some lady with a lantern. And this is basically it, this could totally have had something akin to Lisa Trevor as the thing stalking...
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    New Metal Gear game: Metal Gear Survive

    This woulda been neat as a new game mode for MGSV multiplayer. Otherwise they can fuck off.
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    A Player Reborn! (FF14 Help)

    Honestly, if you need help, I'd offer to play with you, but I main Tank so... my 50 warrior/dark knight can't help, but maybe my monk can. Message me if you want some personal assistance, I don't work today so I'll do what I can. As said before, do the daily roulettes if you have them, which...
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    Poll: Kratos VS Bayonetta

    I have to a point, I stopped paying attention around halfway of Ninja Gaiden Two, and it is fair. Ryu would be a fair opponent, but Dante can basically match anything Ryu's arsenal have or flat out tank it. Dante is already used to fighting a swordsman who can not only deflect bullets with his...
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    Poll: Kratos VS Bayonetta

    He doesn't need I-frames, he can just get back up. But at any rate, yes he does. He has his normal Dodge Rolls, then his Trickster Style dash gives him i-frames. Some of his attacks have I-frames too, but I couldn't tell you which ones. Then he has his other various styles that gives him a...
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    No Man's Sky PC Version Gets Last-Minute Delay

    Should have been ready on time. Tsk tsk.
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    Poll: Kratos VS Bayonetta

    My money is on Dante. Because he's better then both of them. After that, Bayonetta. Because Kratos is a chump and one application of witch time will end him. I also don't think Kratos can deal with bullets.
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    SAO getting live action American TV adaptation

    Honestly, it may make it better. Writers will have to change what happens, and they may make it less shit. Probably not, but one can hope.
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    Finished Dark Souls: Disappointed with it's combat

    Still better combat then the Witcher 3. Honestly, Dark Souls combat is a bit clunky but... it's kind of part of the charm. To me, at least. It responds well how you need it to, and overall works universally. Most creatures can be parried, falling off of stuff kills enemies too, you can be...
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    Why does Dark Souls get so much praise?

    The number one reason people love the game, I find is generally it has character. Atmosphere, a world. The game is... not quite dark, but more dead. There is very little in the game that is truly alive, and you're shifting through the dead state of a once great nation. But more then that...