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    Game of Thrones Abridged: Season Two - Now With More Bonus Murder and Sex Magic!

    Loved the Crystal Maze stuff. Richard O'Brien would have made an awesome Pyat Pree.
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    Game of Thrones Abridged: Season One - Nothing to Lose Your Head Over

    This was great stuff Matt, as usual. If people never watched the brilliant E3 Abridged videos from Videogamer (Go watch them!) then you may not have understood what this was aiming for, but as a continuation of that concept, this was excellent. I do agree it was a bit quick though. The 'episode...
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    March Mayhem 2014 Bracket Submissions Are Open

    Strange to see only 16 devs in the tournament this year. I thought the whole point was that this was mirroring March Madness with 64 teams in it? I preferred the 64, those first two rounds were fun when picking out potential dark horses or seeing the big names get a run for their money from the...
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    It's March... where's the Mayhem?

    So I get that a lot of people don't like March Mayhem due to the ammount of flame wars it creates and there's always complaints due to the same developers doing well every year based on their legacy despite producing no/average games that year, but c'mon Escapist, it's fun, the match-ups are...
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    Just finished one of the best games i've ever playd, 13 years too late.

    I played Final Fantasy VII for the first time this summer, and that's been my favourite game I've played this year. It was so good that I went and got FFVI just last week, which may well be even better. So a game that was released 15 years ago and its predecessor that was released before I was...
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    There's 1 month left. How are you going to spend it?

    I might buy Final Fantasy VI and play it for the first time. I hear it's the consensus best of all FFs and I guess the plot is relevant to doomsday, so if there was ever a time to give it a go, it's now :P
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    PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Review

    Hmm someone's not a fan I see... if you're going to call out Heavenly Sword on being a ripoff of anything, it would be God Of War. But I think it's still a fun game in it's own right, way too short but had an incredible look with some great graphics for the time, and if you're gonna rip off any...
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    PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Review

    The only reason I may want to get this is to play as Nariko again. Man, I really hope there's a Heavenly Sword 2...
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    Three Protagonists Taking Over Los Santos in GTA V

    I'm guessing you haven't read the Gameinformer article then? They pretty clearly establish that all 3 characters are extremely different to each other in their actions/background/outlook on life etc. There's seems to be absoloutely no 'one character split into three' here at all. I'm...
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    Jimquisition: Booth Babes

    I've only just noticed this, but it'll be something I will never be able to unsee: Jim looks exactly like Garth Marenghi.
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    Unskippable: Death by Degrees

    I'm glad someone remembered that Nina is supposed to be Irish, because Namco sure don't. Great episode today, anytime someone makes fun of Death by Degrees is good, it's a game that had potential (Tekken spinoff with one of the more popular characters fronting it) but they blew it completely...
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    So, what games are you playing?

    Playing Final Fantasy VII for the first time, my first Final Fantasy ever in fact. Been really good so far, and even though it feels like I've gone through so much, I'm still only on 'disc 1' so there's hopefully plenty of great gaming ahead. The combat gets a bit repetitive but there's enough...
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    Top 5/10 best games you have ever played

    1. Shadow of the Colossus 2. GTA: San Andreas 3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution 4. Pokemon Crystal 5. Red Dead Redemption 6. Journey 7. Deus Ex 8. Final Fantasy VII 9. Portal 2 10. Rollercoaster Tycoon Several other games just miss out, it was a hard time deciding 7-10.
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    The "Complain About Minor Inconveniences" Topic

    That I have to spend what little money I have on fancy clothing for a dinner, which I'm only gonna wear once, instead of on, y'know, moar videogames.
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    Name your top 5 games this gen

    1. Portal 2 2. Mass Effect 3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution 4. Fallout 3 5. Red Dead Redemption Still got loads of games to come in this generation though, so I doubt that list will stay the same until the next one.