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    Treasures We've Overlooked

    About half an hour ago, I decided to check in my old lock box to see if I had any money lying around in there I forgot about that I could use. I didn't think I'd find anything other than various papers and old knick nacks I locked away as a kid, since I'd cleaned through the thing a year before...
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    Games you enjoyed that are from genres you usually don't like.

    I've never been a big fan of shooters. It just never interested me. Then, an LPer I watched on youtube did a run of Metal Gear Solid (the first one). I thought, "That actually looks fun..." got myself 10 bucks, bought it off PSN, played it several times. The sequals are now on my list of games...
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    This really chives my spuds, and I want your opinion

    He probably just ran into a defective librarian. Those happen sometimes, best to just throw it away and order a new one.
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    Would Anyone Like To Explain What The Fuck This Is?!

    I stopped reading partway through that article to facepalm. Some pastor talking about how halloween isn't christian, so instead of simply NOT celebrating it we have to create some bastardized version of it? That's some special kinda retarded there, pal.
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    Childhood Phobias.

    The phobias I had as a kid are still with me, but much less severe. It's basically any flying/stinging insect, all arachnids, and heights. I used to be afraid of the dark but over the years that's lessened, and now isn't so much darkness but not being able to see. I can handle some darkness, but...
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    Did Not Do The Research

    Not much comes to mind really, except recently I was over at tgwtg and watched one of Phelous' old reviews for the third anaconda movie. "What's the temperature of that river?" "About 30-40 degrees" "Well snakes are cold blooded, so it should only be able to survive in there for about 20...
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    What are you asking Santa for this year?

    Santa's not real *troll face*
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    Shit just got real moments in video games.

    First time I played Dragon Age: Origins as a human noble. Running into Arl Howe. Just before the fight started, I paused the game. Cracked my knuckles, popped my neck, and let into him. Focusing everyone's attacks on him, and laughing when he fell over. Also the quest All That Remains in DA2...
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    Poll: Security Guards V.S. 12-year old punk

    Then that mom is an idiot.
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    Ask a Little Person

    Well kinda, but you don't just open doors for people who can't physically open them. And I usually prefer to be the one opening the door anyway, as a guy, unless I'm holding something and cannot do so.
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    Poll: Security Guards V.S. 12-year old punk

    Well, I can kinda understand her wanting to defend her son. But sometimes that protective instinct blinds people to the fact their kids aren't the little angels they think they are.
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    Poll: Security Guards V.S. 12-year old punk

    I didn't know that beforehand, all I knew was this was a case of some kid supposedly being oppressed by some guards. I don't speak swedish, so I had to go simply by the actions taken. Perhaps the OP should have provided a little more backstory to this, such as WHY this was happening? Now that I...
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    Do you kill NPCs

    Erm, back when I played WoW I'd sneak into low zones of the other faction and kill quest NPC's just to be a dick. Not sure if that counts. I remember back when I played Alliance, there's this orc guard outside Razor Hill that's always at low hp because it's for a priest quest. One time I sat...
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    My school has just crossed the line from 'Idiotic Logic' to 'Batshit Insanity'

    Um, a middle school teacher I had gave me a detention for joking about a new policy being like prison. And an administrator once gave me a detention for making that little gun sign with my hand. Also, some may find this stupid but I thought it was a good idea. In my high school, there was one...
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    Poll: Security Guards V.S. 12-year old punk

    So, it's saving his life by arresting him for riding a train? Good thing I don't live in sweden then.