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    Question of the Day, October 22, 2010

    I have met several girls online I met as friends and dated.It didn't work out but we remain friends all the same
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    Poll: Has war changed?

    It is both in the end. The way War is conducted as changed over the centuries since technology has changed but on that same token the effect that has not changed is people die in war and that is what war is about, killing people towards a goal and that is what war has always been
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    Poll: Music that needs to Die

    rap and hip hop need to go since they aren't really music in the end but just some dude ripping off good music as samples then talking over it half the time, what talent
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    Final Fantasy

    I honestly doubt Final Fantasy will end cause some people will always buy the games no matter how bad they are but I also think the company is in a rut and will one day get it's ass out of it I hope.I used to love their games but yeah they are bad now and don't play them anymore
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    Poll: Your opinion on interracial relationships?

    I am such a mix I got to be in favor of them plus I am partly hispanic and my fiance is white so there, I am all for them
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    Games and Emotions

    it's about character development. Bioware in general is famous for that be it Mass Effect or Knights of the Old Republic and the story can help too when combined with the characters
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    Should the mentally challenged be allowed to procreate?

    Cause in due time certain people decide people with brown or red hair should not be allowed to breed or people who write left handed.Once you start the snowball down the hill it will get bigger and more dangerous
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    I don't trust Valve anymore.

    it really is nice to know that the product you bought can be taken back from you and you are just out the money, that is a horrible way to run a business.Thank Odin I play my PS3 and 360 instead of PC gaming
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    Poll: What's Your Real Life Alignment?

    lawful neutral here.I rarely take sides but don't break the law since jail time sucks
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    Breaking: Man Sets Fire to GameStop, Arrested After Standoff with Cops

    damn, I was just in that mall a few months ago, that is some weird shit man but glad they caught the idiot
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    Poll: Collector or normal edition?

    I have bought a few collector's editions and it's mostly depends on the game or some I planned to get the normal long after a release and still have the collector's version for the same price or maybe 10 dollars more like when I got Fallout 3 so get it that way but honestly I rarely get the CE...
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    first game you ever owned

    Combat for the atari 2600 since it came with the system, I count it
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    First fictional character crush.

    Got to say Minmei from the Macross saga of Robotech
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    Poll: I'm embarased to be called a pc gamer

    I am with you on that one.I play some PC games but mostly prefer my 360 or PS3 but to each their own.It's their money after all
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    Wife beating is now legal in the UAE.

    um yeah, if a woman tries to leave the countries they get killed so that isn't always an option