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    Your favorite BAD movie

    Deep Rising. It's so bad in many ways, but how it is moving along is good enough to keep you tied to your seat. I love every single frame of it. "Now what?"
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    Do people not realize games aren't $60?

    If you want it, do what I do: Wait an entire year. If the price is still above 20, wait another couple months. Been saving a lot of money that way. 60? is the equivalent to 2 weeks worth of food to me. Would rather put it into a Steam wallet code and get more bang for my buck.
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    Best Console to compliment a PC Gamer?

    Any console that will fully support keyboard and mouse input. That's about it. (Aw yeah, Dreamcast, WOO!)
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    Here we go again: Anita Sarkeesian and the gaming community

    Well, guess I'll keep my money then.
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    Poll: Ads On The Internet = What???

    Ads can die off for all I care. It doesn't work anymore, the marketing branch might as well give up. If I want to try out something new, its not because somebody throws it in my face in any way.
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    Star Wars: Armada Miniatures Game Is A Fleet In A Box

    I'd rather play a SW Rogue Squadron game, anyday. No waiting, no dice, just flying around blowing stuff up. So when do we get the EVE online version with Star Wars ships?
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    Aww man why'd they ruin it?!

    Counterstrike Source, Pump Shotgun. Up to 2012 that thing was a sniper rifle in the right hands. Now it feels barely like a peashooter after a few updates.
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    Game Theory: Why the Official Zelda Timeline is Wrong

    Let me blow your mind like an NES cartridge here for a second. My theory as to why the Official Zelda Timeline is wrong? It's called the "Legend" of Zelda for a reason, as everyone only hears about Link and his adventures from one person to the next, one campfire at a time, almost like an...
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    Watch Dogs Will Require Uplay on PC - Update

    Yeah, well, no. They can keep it then. I have yet to buy a game that installs Uplay on my PC. Yes that means I am missing out on what could be good games, but they're not going anywhere. As a paying customer, I have to make my point now, otherwise, Ubisoft does not get it in their heads that I...
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    Poll: Considering a new handheld system: PSVita or 3DS XL?

    Just wait. Always wait. The price on older handhelds can only go down once new hardware is released. Look at GBA's now, 40? at best these days.
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    Nintendo Failures seem exaggerated

    Nintendo entertained me for my first gaming years with the NES and SNES, and frankly, it always felt like I owe them one. But unless they start delivering things like, say, a new Starfox or localize games like Mother 3, I'm more than happy to move on. Should have gone software only 4 years...
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    Youtube Google+ Linking

    Delete your Youtube accounts. Switch to Vimeo or something. Punch Google where it hurts until they change for good. Abandon ship now. Nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
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    Author Tom Clancy Passes Away

    Special Edition Splinter Cell box in T-5, 4, 3,... Sucks to die so early though, 66 isn't that old. Was it a heart attack?
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    No Right Answer: Superhero That Most Deserves a TV Series

    I'd love to see this as a show that moves from period piece with the first Starman to the 90s Jack Knight. My pick however would be Planetary by Warren Ellis (Elijah Snow rocks) or a Law & Order-type show with She-Hulk or J?onn J?onzz: P.I. (Martian Manhunter posing as a Private...
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    What's your 'I love it, but it drives me up the f&$king wall!' game?

    Blacklight Retribution. Sometimes you find a small anthill to stomp into the ground as a level 40 and up, and sometimes a bigger fish comes along and you're on the receiving end of the boot. So it can be fun, until said moment.