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    Have you ever had to turn a games music off because it was so bad?

    I've turned off the music in multiple games because I'd simply heard it too often, but I don't think I've ever really turned off game music because it was too terrible to listen to. The only thing that comes to mind is Pokémon, the gameboy games, played through an emulator on a PC. Especially...
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    Poll: How many people have actually read The Lord of the Rings?

    I've read a lot of stuff by Tolkien. LOTR, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion and a book full of random tales by him. It's all been ages ago though, I barely really remember how LOTR and The Silmarillion go.
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    I lost my faith in humanity today...

    People 'lose their faith in humanity' too easily. Whenever people come up with this line, I Tell them this: imagine living 2000 years ago. Just take a moment for it - imagine what you would most likely be (a farmer), what you would most likely do (farm 15 hours a day) and how much spare time you...
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    Poll: Bloodstained Art

    For the lack of will to think better about it - people tend to say "Art is supposed to make you feel; I'd say those paintings/photographs succeeded". That may very well apply here.
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    Best time if your in highschool?

    Not necissarily, but life does seem to get crappier as you grow up. When you're young you're pretty much worryless and you can believe in and love awesome stuff like disney-style christmas, pokémon and what-have-you. My youth was pretty damn awesome because of this. When I spent some time in...
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    Poll: Libya and my mother

    For as far as we're doing it right now, I think we're probably doing a good job. The main problem is that you cannot 'force' a country into a democracy without making some economical changes first - and we wouldn't be able to make those without suffering under them ourselves. Long story short...
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    What would your superpower would define you as a person?

    Probably something like X-ray vision. Attempting to see through everything and finding out what's *really* there. That sounds dirtier than I meant it, btw.
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    Poll: you find a gun . . .

    My bet was on 'pick it up with a handkerchief or such to not get my fingerprints on it, then take it to the police station' until I read this; Admittedly, I think you're right. I probably would've gotten into troubles and such, even for trying to do good. Reconsidering after that thought...
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    Poll: Would it bother you if...

    No - like most are saying, I wouldn't mind. They should've just asked me to turn it down if it bugged them while I was there though.
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    Poll: Movie adaptations of video games?

    To tell you the truth, I don't consciously know a lot of movie adaptions of video games? The only one that sprang to mind before opening this thread was the Max Payne movie, and that was pretty terrible when compared to the game(s). Other things users have mentioned in this thread are Silent...
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    Poll: It is foolish to expect a decent single-player campaign in an FPS.

    As a 'general rule', it might be 'foolish' to expect a decent single player campaign in 'the average FPS'. That doesn't mean they don't exist or are really all that rare, though.
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    Leaked Microsoft Video Reveals Horrible Future for PC Gaming

    I do not harbour any hostile feeling towards homosexual humans, nor do I want to imply that this video has homosexual feelings, but the only thing I feel I can say about this is "that's gay.".
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    Moments in your favourite series that still make you feel sad

    Like mentioned obvious, but HERE BE SPOILERS to... and
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    Thief 4 at GDC 2011

    Oh yes, I've liked Thief since game two. Game 3 was pretty good, but I never played past a certain point where zombies got involved as it became too effing frightening for me back then. I'd definitely play Thief 4, but I've more or less stopped 'waiting' for most games. Especially in regards...
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    Poll: ME: Paragon or Renegade?

    Errr. Paragon, mostly. You can't play Renegade without feeling like a total asshole, really. I think ZP mentions it in his review, some joke about Samuel L. Sheppard. I'm not *completely* paragon either though - I do go for the full points, but only because it's a shame getting stuck at 90%...