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    Dead Space 3 price list.

    Why on earth do they ship Free DLC with the game why not just include it in the game?!?!?!?!
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    Pick a topic and I will argue with you

    OBJECTION! Hasn't recent archaeology proved the pyramid slave theory false? I thought that was a thing.... or did I make it up I don't know....
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    Bethesda Unveils Dragonborn Trailer

    Oh my....... *collapses into gibbering nerdish mess*
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    So here's an idea for a co-op game

    Why not make it a horror survival game where the 2 players are really the same person suffering from paranoid schizophrenia thus the shared life bar.
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    Things in gaming that will never happen

    System shock 3 Battlefront 3 Excuse me while I go cry in a corner
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    I want good Horror games!

    That one mission in Theif: deadly shadows anyone who has played it will know ITS SCARY
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    Poll: Who's in the wrong here?

    He sure is in the wrong two hours is a long time to wait unless of course your happy to wait for two hours to meet up with someone? I know i would be royally pissed if I waited that long. Besides I generally follow a rule of meet up at a certain time and give them 20 mins for benefit of the...
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    The Grey - Worst Movie I've seen in a Long time.

    Well if we are going for nitpicks..... 1. he tied himself to his seat more than anyone else on the plane and yet was the furthest from the wreckage and completely free of both seats he was tied to 2. the shotgun shells thing 3. he had a whole box of shells they use there awesome...
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    Poll: What's Your Favorite Fruit?

    Not if your allergic to it like I am ;) I myself like peaches,apples are probably my favourites.
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    DICE Still Supporting Battlefield 3

    I count 5 Battlefield games add Free2play and 2142 to that list ! 2142 being the best one since battlefield 2
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    A rock and a hard place.

    This seems to be what you should be aiming for... In all seriousness you say School has just started so whats the rush to get into relationships in the first week? I say play the long game and wait for a few weeks being friendly (not that friendly!) to all parties and then take the plunge...
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    If you could make any two fictional characters fight, who would you pick and who would win?

    Duke Nukem vs Serious Sam in a 1 v 1 macho show down Id have to go with Duke on this after all you always bet on Duke
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    Counter-Strike GO

    The AWP is still as overpowered as ever then again it wouldn't be counterstrike without it I guess *sigh*
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    Let's all die horribly in our struggle against the Xenos!

    Probably in the second batch at this point but here it goes.. I was thinking of saying my own username but call my recruit Finagle in honour of the captcha for this post (finagle's law)
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    Elder Scrolls question

    Quoted for truth Morrowind is arguably the richest Elder scrolls experience both in terms of lore and the unique feeling of the setting and also the sense of exploration and adventure i.e artifacts were not just quest rewards and felt amazing when you actually found one (e.g the super...