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    What's the longest it took you to decide you hated a game?

    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, sporadic playthroughs across 9 years. I kept on going back becuase it is suppose to be a perfect 9001/10 but I gave up completely a few months ago.
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    Game or series you just can't play anymore

    PS2/GCN/Xbox/Dreamcast generation, its not old enough to be "retro" and I can get the same graphics/gameplay from the PSP.
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    Poll: How has Pre-Ordering Worked Out for You?

    I usually pre-order, I mean pointless add-ons that everyone has coughodstcough is better than nothing and I only pre-order those games I was going to pick up first day anyway.
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    Compliment a Console

    The PSP Go is more portable than the other PSPs.
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    Activision announces a "Revolutionary new DLC-based shooter"

    You just made my day SilentHunter7 and I'll admit I was fooled til I read that it was coming out in 2012 (why announce something so early?). I can't stand DLC, especially when I hear games like GH will have DLC at Launch. If you have the songs already done why not put it on the fricking disc...
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    Sony's Presser

    I really though they had the best one, though that's because I'm a big PSP fan. 2009 is not the year of the PS3, its the Year of the PSP.
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    Poll: On Graphics, and Standing the Test of Time

    It really depends on the game, for example Mario 64 still impresses me every time I play it because it has open environments that still stand up today plus no load times. Though overall I would say 2D ages better if its done correctly.
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    PSP Is Go!

    Someone at SCE is going to be in very hot water for this... I'm not a fan this slide design and smaller screen, though the mock-ups were surprisingly close (though they had two nubs grr..). I just don't see how the slide out control pad and nub placement would be comfortable,though hopefully...
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    Departing Sony Europe Head: PS3 is '3-5 Years' From Dominating

    But he still was one when he said it.
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    Ubisoft Reveals Red Steel 2

    So you need to buy a separate add-on so that the game will work like it should. Great...
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    Tekken 6 Coming to PSP

    Arcade systems, GBA and the Wonderswan are not owned by Sony.
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    A lesser known but still great Halo Machinama is Phil Day X, though its only 4 episodes (days) long its quite funny and really reflects how much variety their is in the Halo community.
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    The New PSP Is Go! This Fall?

    I know it was to Jumplion but seriously, "Announce a PSP containg everything the DSi has"? Nothing has been announced just a report from 1up that is from "sources" (a rumor) and this one makes no mention about a built in camera or touchscreen except that Sony's Mylo 2 has those two features.
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    I do i go onto Xbox Live!?

    You should be able to just plug the ethernet cable into the back of the 360 and go to "Join Xbox Live" button in the marketplace tab. EDIT: Ninja'd.
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    Why, for me, gaming peaked in 1999.

    I've missed called three peaks already (1990,1996, and 2001) so I'll just keeping on saying/hoping that the peak is still far away.