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    Why are you a Vegetarian?

    I fell in love with a vegetarian, who later decided it was a waste of her time, and I am still in love with her. ^_^ OT: I love to eat meat, lots of it, today I had Lamb in a delicious Gyro, with lettuce, tomatos, banana peppers, and black olives, sooooo gooooood...
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    WoW Lore Nerd Becomes WoW Character

    is this just me, or does it seem they're making fun of him? personally, I will have to say (Since I no longer play.) Fuck you Bliz, leave the guy alone.
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    I hate youtube for this... (fellow metalheads/TRUE rockers, you know what im talking about)

    All music will always be called shit by someone, get the fuck over it.
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    Moving out?..

    good luck to you then, my friend.
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    There's Someone I Want You to Meet...

    Great, this is just what we need, more Weaboos.
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    Moving out?..

    Well, depending on your job situation, it can either be great, or a complete and utter mindfuck. guess how hard it is to get a job in my shit-hole town..
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    Moving out?..

    Dont do it, ever.
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    What would you do if you found out you are really two midgets in a trench coat?

    I'd find a corporate job and pull in 2 epic paychecks, yay equal opportunity laws!
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    Which JRPG Character Archetype Are You?

    The Hero? fuck that shit, I refuse to wear my hair like an idiot and carry around a giant cock extender, I am offended.
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    Poll: OH DEAR GOD NO! A Comparison of the deadliest things in New Vegas.

    That deathclaw infested cavern was worth the gun eh?
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    Poll: What kind of senior citizen do you wanna be?

    C'mere billy, let me tell you about the vidya games I grew up with.l
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    So I'm not British.

    I'll have to be angry now, considering I randomly picked chelsea as my Be a Pro team in FIFA 09, I like them for no reason other than the fact that Dider Drogba was the player I picked out. So... yea... BOOOOOO!!
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    Worst Film EVAR!

    That depends, are you affiliated with James Cameron?
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    BioWare's Star Wars MMO Won't Make Any Money, Says Free-to-Play Developer

    I'm sorry. George Lucas cant hear you over the sound of liquid money being freebased.
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    Poll: When is Hunting Acceptable?

    Hunting is only acceptable when done for food, whilst naked and armed only with a knife, spears may be considered depending on naked attractiveness. Thats how manly men do it, manly women too.