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    Poll: Do you often finish rented games?

    sweet! thats my fave. i didn't need a FAQ for it til' Maester Seymour's fucked up Anima thing. scary little beasty aint it?
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    Poll: Do you often finish rented games?

    every game ive EVER rented except for racing games ive beaten in two days to a week luigis mansion for example took two days i finish each game at about that. unless it's a real ***** like paper mario 1000 year door, THAT took a week.
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    What if you were an Emperor/ Empress?

    if i were the emperor of my own land, lots of people would be dead because of the daily sacrifices in my honor. because last time the term emperor was popularly used, it was the early 1700's and back then they believed in their emperors being gods. say something like king or prime minister or...
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    If you could have any 3 super powers

    dude, you just added immortality to immortality. eternal youth and immortality are one and the same! dumbass...
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    If you could have any 3 super powers

    ur on, super speed, immortality time control, kinda like f***ing with the fast forward, pause and rewind buttons on a vcr.
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    What's your favorite SSBB Character?

    samus for her "wtf just hit me??" zero beam and the fact you can throw the zero suit. and, i know it's stupid and probably sexist, but because ZSS is hoooooooooooot. Solid snake (lol at the name!) because of weapons and projectiles. and metaknight for extremely close rang combat.
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    Zero Punctuation: Duke Nukem Forever

    lol. i was born on the day it was announced. but it still ain't coming out yet, thick person #1 not possible dipshit. it hasn't come out yet. and if it has, show me your youtube video and make a playthrough. cause otherwise. i know youre LYING!
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    Worst "Numbered/Single Player" Final Fantasy

    *breaks the rules* Crystal Chronicles sucked shit through a straw! the graphics were the shittiest i've seen for PS2 except when they remade classic games like frogger. personally im a JRPG fan and an FPS fan. it's impossible to explain because it's so rare. im a sniper so i like to take my time...
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    Poll: Why the hate for Dragonforce?

    the way i see it is, maybe people feel less manly when someone pulls a "JUST TRY TO PULL THIS OE OFF!" move. so they feel the need to shoot them down to feel like less of a prick. but honestly, let's see one of you guys pull off that guitar in real life. any takers? i fucking thought not. no...
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    Poll: Does anyone alse hate he summer as much as me?

    although it sounds odd, my body is one point fif degrees higher at the core, so when it's summer i have to do everything possible to not get heat stroke, and when it's winter, im literally out in my shorts and t-shirt in zero degrees and snow. only for ten minutes, mind, but i'd like to see you...
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    Is the Human Race a failed experament

    mayb we were put here as an alien time bomb of sorts, b4 the other races (apes and so on.) would come to a sentient way of life, we would destroy this planet, i dunno, but the human race will live on, we're creative little bastards and we're pretty resilient too, maybe the aliens want us to find...
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    Zero Punctuation: Duke Nukem Forever

    ok, can someone tell me if this review was a joke or not? because there's usually a joke in the credits. this time it said that it was a gag review. so im wondering, is it, or was he f***ing with us again?
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    What is Your Most Guilty Pleasure???

    pissing off my parents and, like everyone else secretly does in the world, porn.
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    humanity need what?

    brains, sense, more darwin awards (ask me if yah don't know), no government, stronger government, or to JUST FUCKING DIE! or what ever you want.
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    Zero Punctuation: Valkyria Chronicles

    Woah, Yahtzee, JRPG territory is something that i think you should stay away from or else we might find Hiroshitta Bolloksmuncher (or whatever those JRPG Producers names are) lying on the street with your knife through his head with you softly giggling next to his mutilated body. now i know this...