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    Epic: Microsoft Doesn't Own Gears of War

    I definitely wouldn't describe GoW4 as inevitable. Possible, yes, but it doesn't really feel like they've been setting up a cashcow -- I think they may just leave it at a trilogy. I hope they do anyway -- it would be nice to know there are some depths to which the game industry will not sink...
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    Bungie Officially Working on "Massively Multiplayer Action Game"

    I hate MMOs but I love Bungie, sci-fi and (here hoping) space sim games (god that is one DEAD genre). I'm also really interested to see if they will release this on the 360 -- currently the only one of the three (proper*) platforms not to have an MMO on it -- and I really feel that is one BIG...
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    Prostitution: immoral or in demand

    Needs to be legalised. It will always exist, the only way it cannot is if some other perfect replacement is found, but until then prostitution will remain a staple of human civilisation; according to some it actually PREDATES civilisation. So yeah, needs to be legalised. Fuck pimps.
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    EU Court rules against what it sees as discriminative insurance policies.

    Boy racers are always boys, not men, and young people still pay a RIDICULOUS amount for insurance: someone I know is looking at 8k to insure some crappy little old run-around of a car. Eight. Fucking. Grand. As if petrol prices weren't enough...
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    Super Meat Boy on PC Outsells Xbox 360

    Microsoft are such douchebags about XBL. The service as a whole is pretty top-notch, but they seem to go out of their way to piss off pretty much every developer for the most stupid of reasons. That said, I seem to recall they were asking for Super Meat Boy about half as much as I'd pay for...
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    Kinect Hack Turns Your Life Into Adam West's Batman

    TV'S ADAM WEST??!! *gasp* Nowhere near the best Kinect hack though... ...and a surprising lack of Adam West :'(
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    Serious Sam 3 To Fund Breast Enhancement Surgery

    it was satirical, possibly satirical of Kotick himself.
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    Twighlight readers I have a question (Flamers stay away)

    But they aren't exactly books that kids go out and buy in their thousands are they? Books like Harry Potter and Twilight are much more relevant to a young writer like the OP than those two. My opinion of Twilight: I can totally see why some people like it, but I have to say that if...
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    What's the big deal about PC games?

    But virtually all the good casual games are on consoles (coughthewiicough) so your point is kind of null seeing as pretty much all games are either shooters, casual games, sports games or crappy mmos (let my opinion slip in there but let it slide :P) and I would definitely not say that there...
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    PC Game Industry Shows Big Growth in 2010

    The PC gaming alliance is still a total joke though, and I must wonder about the impartiality of the source. ...It also appears that they are counting the use of free games that get money via advertising as sales. This doesn't seem quite right to me, but w/e...
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    Console Gaming

    That was pretty awesome. We need MOAR. And i totally agree with the whole "moving about takes you out of the experience" thing.
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    The shortest single player campaign you've played?

    Mirror's Edge. Took me 5 hours first time I played on hard, 4 hours on my very first go on medium. But damn, that doesn't stop it from being the best game I've ever played...
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    Squad-based shooters on PS3 doesn't work.

    Even squad based shooters it doesn't really matter too much if nobody is talking, however in a cooperative game like L4D or... Nazi Zombies (crap, can't think of a non-zombies one) you're just shooting yourself in the foot by playing with anyone who doesn't have a mic -- its just impossible to...
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    Upcoming games you think are going tank

    There were a few pretty high-profile games that tanked last year, the most notable probably being Guitar Hero and Medal of Honor, each for various reasons to do with market saturation and whatnot. Which (preferably AAA) upcoming titles do you think will crash and burn this year and why...
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    Ubisoft Unveils a Sexy Wii Minigame Compilation for Adults

    They aren't even using the wii remote for most of this...