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    If you had to name your son after a video game character, who would you choose and why?

    I just can't believe no one said"Ellie" for a girl, and"Joel" for a boy. Those are decent names I think...
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    The Last of Us Almost Had a Different Ending (Spoilers)

    In all honesty, I would´ve done the same as Joel. I mean, look at that gorgeous little face, I sincerely can´t picture her in the same situation as Kane in Robocop know, with her brain removed and all.
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    Could a sniper kill Magneto?

    A good sniper has the ability to put a bullet in the exact same orifice the first bullet left. The world olympic champion is a marine, I think, and he can do exactly that. Besides, the only type of bullets made out of metal with magnetic properties (steel)are meant to pierce armor and hard...
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    What would you do if Jesus turned out to be real and came back?

    ask for episode 3. definitely.
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    Is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic good?

    it is good. Actually is a lot better than a lot of regular tv shows airing now. As a matter of fact im a newly converted brony ten minutes ago
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    A sad day for the escapist, as we have lost a dear friend

    shame to hear such bad news. she sounded like a great person. my respects.
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    making video game credits fun

    I think credits, either in a movie or a videogame, are something that matters. I think they´re something of an acknowledgment for the hard work of a bunch of people who work their asses off for something we love. Problem is that basically the text format in wich they are presented is boring...
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    Miracle of Sound: Santiago's Lament

    amazing ever
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    Half Life/Portal world question

    while it is true that black mesa it´s supposed to be a more "serious" company than aperture science, I can´t help thinking that if B. mesa would´ve had the portal tecnology back in the days of half-life 1, I´m pretty sure that the cascade resonance would´ve never happened, and earth would be a...
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    Share your stories of shitty professors/teachers

    i´m an architecture student, and a coupla years back I spent a whole night building a model. The next day I had to explain it in front of my workshop teacher, and in the middle of a totally inspired speech from me, I begin to notice he´s not paying any attention at all and instead he begins to...
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    UPDATE: PS3 Hacker GeoHot Claims He's on Vacation

    I thought this kid was a true defender of electronic consumers rights. Now I realize that he´s nothing more than a idiot coward douchebag.
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    Trailers: Crysis 2 Launch Trailer

    hahhahahah, what kind of slogan is that? "be the weapon, save new york" it might as well be: "new york has been kidnapped by aliens, are you a bad enough dude to save new york?"
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    Prey 2 Details Reveal a Very Un-Prey-Like Game

    just by looking at the caracter under the prey 2 logo, one can tell that this game may be doomed to mediocrity. I mean just look at the guy, another cookie cutter bad ass with an armor and futuristic guns. Hell, I even bet he is bald.