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    What is your go to movie?

    Have to agree with Lionsfan on Shaun of the Dead. An endlessly quotable and jolly film that never gets boring. Hot Fuzz for similar reasons - but not to the same extent. I also find Equilibrium a good one to watch! I wouldn't say I watch it constantly, but I've seen it more than a few times...
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    Evil dead 2013 Trailer - Your Thoughts?

    Main difference will be that we won't give a shit about the characters. But the trailer left me with an almost positive impression of the film. As long as they retain some of the humour of the original, it should be better than your average teen slasher flick. I also noticed they've ramped...
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    Bad movies you love

    My point was it was a low budget, trashy film with bad effects and an unknown cast. It sounds pretty bad on paper right? It is a much better film that it should have been, given the ingredients. Its also pretty obscure I think, because its a British film that most Brits haven't heard of. I'm...
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    Bad movies you love

    Doom - A pretty dumb game-to-movie which was panned by most. After watching it the first time, I thought it was a basic, forgettable action flick. A few years later I watched it again and it became somewhat more palatable. Long story short: I can now watch the film over and over and it never...
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    Poll: A compromise for Skyrim's children

    If Bethesda originally included the ability for children to die, I wouldn't have noticed because I don't attack children. Even now I've never tried to kill one of the children in Skyrim. However I know that there are some people who do want to do this. The first thing my brother did when he...
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    Skyrim Mechanics: How does enemy level scaling work?

    I think the scaling works well, but it could be better. I think everybody gets fucked up by that troll. I think I tried at about lvl15, and I died about 10 times before finally killing him. I wasn't frustrated though, I like a good challenge. Now I'm lvl49 and still finding some enemies...
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    Poll: Are Skyrim enemies overpowered?

    As an Oblivion fan, I'm loving how Skyrim is more balanced. Like Oblivion, I'm playing on normal difficulty. I actually find myself dying quite a lot. Bandit leaders sometimes take a few tries, finding the best strategy. The combat is more fun since you have to try different strategies...
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    Help me get past the first hour of Morrowind, and actually start the main quest in Oblivion

    The first few quests may seem a bit dull for Oblivion, but stick with it. If you feel like you're getting bored of the main quest, spend the next few levels doing side quests or just exploring. Try and do new things like perhaps the Mage Guild! You don't strictly need to be a mage to complete...
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    Poll: Should The Escapist make an App/Mobile Site?

    As a member of the non-smartphone population, I'd have to say no. I can view the site just fine in my free time using a normal computer. However, there's no doubt the inexplicable smartphone craze will only grow and grow until it eventually renders all other electronic devices obsolete. So...
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    So...two guys just made off with 6000 copies of MW3

    I say well played to the two gentleman. Looks like some unlucky people won't be getting their preorders on time. Hee hee hee.
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    The terms "Casual" & "Hardcore".

    I think some people are blowing this issue out of proportion. It doesn't really matter if you're a casual or hardcore gamer, and I wouldn't consider either of those terms a negative word. To me, casual games are just simple games that people can instantly pick up and play. Like it or not...
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    Worst sequals of all time.

    Film: Spiderman 3. The first two were decent, but the 3rd was all over the place. Alien 3 and 4. They felt completely unneccesary. All of the Saw movies after #1. Every Paranormal Activity movie. Game: Halo Reach Call of Duty MW2
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    Realism with weapons.

    I agree. It looks ridiculous. I guess the only way these JRPG folks can make their petite, androgynous characters actually look tough is by equipping them with inexplicably large swords to compensate.
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    Anyone else finding hard to believe skyrims nearly here?

    My Advice? Lower your expectations. Before it's too late. I've also been awaiting this event for many months, but try not to get too excited.
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    Poll: Fellow depressed people, on a bad day, how do you deal?

    I've never been depressed in my life, but I read something cool recently. It was some news article about foods that fight depression. Apparently B vitamins are important for mental well being and can help boost your mood. While reading, I realised that my diet it really high in B vitamins...